Tuesday Talk

Today these pretty new prints hit the site! We couldn’t be more excited to have them online! Did you know that these prints are not only just pretty but they also match your favorite two clothing brands? That is right these coordinate with Matilda Jane Clothing and also Wildflowers Clothing. If you don’t yet purchase those brands that is totally fine… these bows are cute regardless if you have the clothing or not! My favorite is the Tulip bow. All these flowery bows scream Spring and Summer to me. Right now we are on our Spring Break for school and I have the itch… you know the one I am talking about… the same one your kiddos have right now. The I Can’t Wait Until Summer Is Here Itch!

Satin Stack

Remember yesterday I told you we were hard at work on updating photos on the website so you can see each color made into hairbows!? Well we are still moving and grooving on that one and we have already made our way through several styles! I personally thought that we should start with the Dressy Styles. I say that because well… Easter and Mother’s Day is coming. We want our little girls to look super cute that day. For many of us that means they will be in a dress.

Grosgrain Classics

These little Grosgrain Classics are adorable on. The difference between the Grosgrain and the Grosgrain Classics is just the middle piece… one has a knot and one has a flat middle. The Classic if you ask me is a sweet look.

We have had so many orders for these Bunny Ears You hairbow. It is pretty adorable. Last year we had it in a Bow Box and we decided to launch it. Half of the time the print that is in The Bow Box is a limited edition print meaning you can’t order it separate – kind of like in this months box. The Giraffe print is super cute and it makes me want to take my kids to the Zoo! Speaking of kids… I am going to go play with mine. Go enjoy your day too!

Monday Maddness

Mondays- I have told y’all before they are my craziest day of the week. It’s Paisleys Spring Break at school on top of that. I love the little extra time I get to spend with her during the breaks. I miss her being a little girl. 9 years old is so big. When my girls are with me they know they might have to go into the office or one of our two locations. They don’t mind going and doing! They always find something to do or pick up or want to buy. Today we ran up to our Gracie Lane Location in Arlington Texas. I picked up a few things we needed and then Paisley, Penley and I went back to the shop. Paisley made herself 2 bows! She said one day she wants to be the boss!

See the bows she made! They are in her hair now. Yes, we are doing vision therapy today so we can have our weekend open for basketball and volleyball!

More prints are coming to the Gracie Lane location, we just made room for them. Speaking of new prints check these out… these are coming to the site and both The Painted Tree and Gracie Lane!

Lovely New Prints!

Yes, you might notice these match Matilda Jane Clothing and also Wildflowers Clothing!! Even if you don’t purchase those brand of clothing you still will need these bows because they are beautiful!

I’m super excited about these new prints and another thing I am excited for is we started labeling all the colors on bows on the website. This will take some more time but I’ll show you want I mean! We have lots of these already listed but the goal is to get them all done… then after all the hairbows are done we will start working on the headbands too.

Glitter Grosgrain
Satin Sheer Stack

We have been super busy but love you seeing the exact product made instead of picking from a tiny little color chart! Hope you guys love it too! Madness Monday post done! Better late than never right!!!

Friday Favorites

My favorite bow this week is the Glow In The Dark one! I mean what little girl wouldn’t like this bow!? It comes in 4 great colors!

Watch a see!

How fun and exciting is it to have something that glows. It’s pretty special because to a kid it feels like Magic! Lighten up her day and order one of these new Bows!

These bows are my second favorite this week!

So, when the second Frozen movie came out I didn’t get to see it. Penley was invited to a birthday party to see it and Brandon took her. I was sad because I wanted to see it but I made a commitment with Paisley my oldest to go to vision therapy that day which I guess is a little more important!! Anyways we finally bought Frozen 2 a couple nights ago and watched it as a family and oh my goodness it was so funny… Paisley who didn’t want to watch it loved it (I think originally she thought since she is now 9 she is too big for it)… since then my kids have watch it at least 7 more times – please don’t judge! So yes these bows have to be one of my favorites.

Make sure you checkout those bows for dress up, costumes and day to day apparel! Now I’m off to take my little dog Bubbles to the groomer. Second day in a row I’ll be up there… maybe I should have booked Harper and Bubbles on sale day! Have a wonderful weekend sweet followers!

Teach Ya Thursday

Show and Tell – Grosgrain Sizes

Welcome back to another day of what’s going on over at One Stop Bow Shop! Well this week we have that free St Patrick’s Day bow everyone is raving about… see photo below.

There it is… The Lucky Charm bow. It’s free until the 6th… with any order placed. No one wants your little being pinched so hurry and place an order. No coupon code is needed. We will put the free hairbow in your box at time of shipping!
New Print!!!

That’s right we have a new print on the website! Pretty much every order this week has snatched up this Spring Ombre hairbow! Yes since this is a teaching kind of Thursday I do want to point out we do have some pretty simple Bowholders for organizing your bows… see they just slide right on!

Crates for organizing!

Have you ever thought of just heading to your nearest Micheal’s and grabbing some crates!? What we did was grabbed that trendy chalk paint and Paisley and Penley got to paint every square inch of the crates inside and out! They had so much fun doing it. I suggest making sure you put down a table cloth you don’t care about… we have a special table cloth we pull out for “painted projects”.

Organize by color!

Obviously if you are going to take the time to paint the crates make sure you take the time to organize your hairbows too… by color is always a good start.

Leopard has been a trend if you haven’t noticed shame on you!!!
Hardware Types

If you are new to hairbows you will need to know the basics. Here is a photo of an alligator slide and barrette. You will need to pick between these. Slides are the most common sold but barrettes are good too, especially if your little wears a lot of ponytails or likes to get to take out their hairbow! Alligator Slides are awesome because you can stack bows together to customize your own look.

Slide under knot of bigger bow…
There you have it a Large Spring Ombre ontop of. Jumbo Grosgrain!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few bows and a little organizing ideas. Now I have to go take Harper to the groomer and Paisley to school!!!

Testimony Tuesday

What is the foundation of One Stop Bow Shop built on? I am proud to tell you Customer Service! Yes, we strive to be the best from making our beautiful hairbows to serving you in a personal way. Every customer is important to us and that is why our customers love to give feedback and tell friends about us. Here are just a few reviews we have gotten in recently. We have over 247 Google Reviews. That is pretty amazing if you ask me.

If you haven’t left a review on Google you should totally do so. People would love to hear what you have to say. You can also get social with us by sharing your photos of your kiddos in our products on Instagram and Facebook – make sure you use our hashtag #onestopbowshop Seeing your littles in our bows makes us so happy and gives us so much joy to see that bow we handmade is being enjoyed! Here are a few of our happy customers! Did you see the BOW COLORING CHALLENGE we have going on? Yes, with every order being shipped right now we are sending out this coloring page… the rules are on the back! We love to interact with our customers this is just another way we get to do it!

It is easy to leave a review…. click here to leave one now! Have a happy Tuesday and remember that if you leave a review on your next order placed online we will send you a free hairbow based off your order placed!

Monday Funday

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We sure did in our house. We were super busy doing all the things… Stocking and Reorganizing one of our locations (The Painted Tree), Volleyball Games, Vision Therapy, Birthday Party, Church and I even made time to clean our my freezer. I know I was on a mission to get things done! Now for today… I love Mondays. Some people think oh no not another Monday. I have to say it is my most productive day of the week… in all areas of my life! If I or one of my kids ever get sick on a Monday you better watch out because the rest of my week is utter chaos trying to catch up.

Last Friday I got this photo in a Direct Message from a customer. The customer messaged me and said thank you so much for making an amazing hairbow. My daughter is on a dance team and the bow that they ordered for the dance recital was awful so I knew I had to order a One Stop Bow Shop hairbow to go with the outfit instead. She went as far as saying she wouldn’t put that other hairbow on her head! So I wanted to show you the photo she sent over to me. I have to agree with the customer we make an amazing product and you really do get what you pay for.

Did you know that One Stop Bow Shop GIVES AWAY FREE HAIRBOWS…. Like A LOT! Yes, we find it to be really fun for our customers to get something free. Right now we are passing out this Lucky Charm bow for free but only until March 6th so you better hurry if you want one. It is a size Large if you were wondering. It will go perfectly for the next holiday on the calendar too. ST PATRICK’S DAY! We typically pass out Large hairbows for free because it is one of our most popular sizes. It works for so many ages and hairstyles. If you feel it is a little too small for you I suggest you take a larger bow and piggyback it like we showed you on Friday with the Minnie Mouse bow!

Remember… just like this!
I love this hairstyle and the best part is that it was so easy to do!

Well… it is Monday like I said before and since it is my most productive day of the week I have to go workout and get these kidddos to school if I want to get anything else done today for work or mom life. Make sure you head straight to the website and grab something so you can get that free hairbow. Also make sure you sign up for our emails I would hate for you to miss out on coupons.

Friday Favs

As you know Grosgrain hairbows are our #1 selling item for One Stop Bow Shop. I think it is because solid bows are just easy to pair with anything. This week my favorite color is Banana. This bow color always matches Matilda Jane Clothing and Wildflowers Clothing too! It is the perfect color for Spring and on top of all that it has a fun name!

Since St Patrick’s Day is coming I have to pick out a few of my favorite hairbows for this upcoming holiday. I really like the Clovers All Over the best! That is the one with the Hot Pink and Clovers together in the very front and also the ribbon roll inside the box! I grabbed a few more practical bows too because most people would like to use the bows year round and not just on the day. If that is you then my favorite is the Emerald Gingham hairbow because I would hold onto it and remember to use it for Christmas too!

This next ribbon is super new to One Stop Bow Shop but I love it so much already. It screams springtime and it is those fun Matilda Jane colors. I love the little Chickens and Rabbits mixed in with the flowers… it is just a very sweet bow! Springtime Chick is the perfect name for this bow don’t you think!?

Let me just tell you this quick story just so you know how much effort goes into picking ribbons… I have been searching and searching for new prints for Easter since October of 2019… I have to be honest… it was super hard to find new fun prints this year but after hours of searching around I did it. We call this bow the Bunny Buddies… I think it is super adorable and great for Spring and also Easter!

My last pick this week is two bows that you can make into one! I feel a little learning is coming your way. I am totally about to teach you something new!!! Our hairbows are stackable! Did I just blow your mind. If so I probably just opened up a can of worms for your wardrobe this spring. Many many of my customers go to Disneyland and Disney World… this one is for you or if your little just loves Minnie Mouse this one is also for you.

Below is a Jumbo Grosgrain in Black with our Made to Match Minnie hairbow in size Large. Isn’t that the neatest thing to stack these bows. I think it is great because 2 bows just turned into 1. The best part is that you don’t have to wear the hairbows like this you can totally wear them individually too. I love the versatility and I promise you will too!

Well now you have seen my top picks for Friday Favs. I hope you enjoyed them. I will see you back Monday… I think some Spring cleaning might be happening at our house. I’ll make sure to update you on it Monday morning!

Tutorial Thursday!

Well we made it to Thursday and I am super excited to show you 3 new ways to do your kiddos hair. Enjoy all three by video just by pushing the play button!

I have always been a fan of good pigtails. Up until this last week I had never even thought to do a Fishtail Braid on a Pigtail. I am not sure why I have never really thought about it… I am sure plenty of people have been doing this already… BUT… just in case you are like me and you just hadn’t thought about it here you go.

Penley has on Blue Tuxedo Pigtails in this video.

This next video is just a fun way to dress up a ponytail for any age. Add a half up down look then and a braid to it then put it in a ponytail and a big bow and well then you are done! This style only takes 3 minutes tops. If you are tired of letting your daughter wear the basic ponytail everyday then try this one out!

In this video Penley is wearing a Aqua Jumbo Grosgrain hairbow.

My oldest daughter Paisley is super into sports right now which means she pretty much only leaves the house in a ponytail. She loves a ponytail and well I am just tired of it looking like she didn’t really attempt to do her hair. So we are going to start showing short hair ponytails to you because seriously ponytails can be fun too! This one has a twist from both sides.

In this video Paisley has on a Black Small Tuxedo hairbow.

Hopefully these three little short videos will help you come up with something new and exciting for your little girl this next week. Make sure you show us photos when you do a fun new hairstyle by using our hashtag #onestopbowshop

See you back tomorrow for a couple of my favorite hairbows this week!

Tuesday Talk

One Stop Bow Shop loves when we get new prints in stock. We have the largest variety of prints all over the internet that are handmade in America! We categorize them on the website into two areas… Trendy Prints (that is where they go if we are going to have them around for a while) and then we have the Limited Stock Prints (obviously this means we won’t have them around forever and once that ribbon is gone we will likely not restock it).

Order online pick up in store!

One Stop Bow Shop is more than just an online hairbow company. Did you know we have 2 shop locations? That is right we are in two collection of shops. One is in Mansfield TX and the other is in Arlington TX! So if you are local to the DFW area and want to come see tons of hairbows in person… come on down! If you don’t live close that is okay we have everyone online for you ready to shop!

Order online pick up in store!

If you haven’t heard about The Bow Box you are missing out. Let me just tell you a little about it really quick. The Bow Box is a Monthly item we do. Each month we release 5 bows at a great price. We offer this box in two options… The Original Box (it is a mix of sizes from Small to Jumbo) and The Bigger Box (it is a mix of sizes from Xlarge to Xlarge Jumbo). This is the March Bow Box – it ships on March 2nd. You can still sign up for February Bow Box or you can jump right on into March! When you subscribe to The Bow Box you get a FREE Bowholder too. When you are ready to be done canceling is easy also. All you have to do is email us 7 days prior to the next box coming out letting us know it is time for you to take a break!

Last week I showed you a cute little braid I did in Penley’s hair – today I want to show you how you can take that same base braid and make it more elaborate!

Super cute idea for you to try out!

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday. I’m off to take care of my sweet Penley… we just can’t stay healthy at our house lately.

It’s Monday Mama!

I’m going to start with a complete side note because I am going to need some prayers this Monday and well all week… I have decided to try to have only Decaf Coffee. I know it is so sad! If you know me at all THIS IS GOING TO BE TOUGH. However all my muscles in my back and around my spine and shoulders are super tight no matter how much water I take into my body or stretching I do.
It was suggested to me to take caffeine out of my life for a bit and see if it helps.

That’s right… it’s Monday! You made it through the weekend. No matter how tough or easy your weekend was I hope you know today is a new day. Make the best of it… we don’t get to know how many Mondays we have left or how many days we have left for that matter. Hug those little kids of yours this morning extra tight before you all go on your separate ways. .

I have a coupon code for you… it is only good until Friday so act quick. These two printed hairbows below are on sale! You might need them because well… Easter is coming and it is smart to order now and be prepared

Did you know we have 9 great sizes of our MOST POPULAR hairbow? We absolutely do and that means we have the perfect size for you. This next part I am a little unsure to tell you but guys I tried my best for a video to show you them in person. I promise to work on my hair tutorials and learning product tutorials. When you guys said you wanted more videos I am giving it my efforts PROMISE! Here is the link to see it! You can also watch it on our YouTube Channel. Watch them and then tell me your thoughts. You can send me an email or direct message me on social or leave a comment on website or youtube channel!

This is the last week for the Mystery Spring Boxes! I’ve had a lot of people asking what is inside the box. Well friends, it is a Mystery! I will say though the photo above is a great idea of what will be coming to your door. Plus each box is over a $50 value. The best part is it is only $15!!! You get 9 bows for $15 that is almost crazy… actually no it is crazy. I hope I just made your Monday better.

You know we started a Gallery on our blog for you to see real life bowheads and to shop their looks. If you want to see your kiddo featured over there in the gallery get social with us by tagging us on Instagram #onestopbowshop If you are at all like me it is always nice to see photos of products on rather than a flat lay of an item. Plus we would love to see photos of our sweet customers.

Have you done your spring cleaning and hairbow organizing yet? We just did at our house. If you haven’t done it yet it sure feels good to get organized. My sweet friend makes amazing bowholders if you need something to get started. Hop on over to her Etsy or Instagram and check her out. I promise you will want at least one thing Jan has to offer!

That is all I got for you today! I hope your Monday is fabulous and I’ll meet you back here for some Tuesday Talk…