Exciting Stuff

I am super excited about these thin knit headbands! If you haven’t bought them yet and you have a baby or toddler that needs a headband shame on you… you really need them. These bands are SUPER SOFT! They are also adorable on. How they are pictured are as interchangeable and this just means that you can use our alligator slide hardware with them. All you do is slide the bow under that loop! I love it this way because you get to customize if you want to match or use two different colors together… meaning you could pick a pink bow and a white band or just go with a complete match of one color! If you wanted to you could buy them attached to a bow also, but remember if you do this then you loose the ability customize and the ability to keep the bow after you don’t need the band.

Okay… these bows are going to fly off the shelf when we launch them at 12 oclock today I just know it. Enjoy some Fresh Watermelon and some Spring Cherry Blossoms really soon. Click here to order and look under new products!

Here is another great new print! It is launching today at 12 also. I am super excited about this bow for a couple reasons… it comes in 6 sizes! That is right I said 6 sizes. This will be the FIRST TIME EVER that I have released a print in so many sizes. I took some time to thick about the name of the print… my thoughts were… candy store, candy stripes, lollipop stripes, lollipop rainbow and lollipop twist. I decided I liked Lollipop Stripes the best! Hope you love it too… click here and look under new products!

Maybe I should have started with this tid bit but this very adorable print is FREE RIGHT NOW! With orders over $10 – no coupon code is needed. I will add this Large size hairbow to your order at time of boxing and shipping it out! This offer ends on Sunday April 19th! This bow is not listed online, and honestly I haven’t decided if it will be so if you are thinking that bow is CUTE… then you better place an order over $10 now so you get that hairbow!

Time is all we have!

This is what happens every morning at our house. The girls wake up wrap themselves in a blanket and one or both dogs sit with them. If they would have put the leg rest out Harper would have been in that chair also. I always find this interesting that Bubbles (the little dog) will sit anywhere near Paisley in the morning. About 2 years ago Bubbles stopped liking Paisley. At first we thought maybe Paisley did something on accident. Honestly though if Paisley ever would have done something wrong she would have told me… now Penley on the other hand no way she would deny it even if I saw her do it. But back to my short story about Paisley and Bubbles… well there are short lived moments that Bubbles will like her. Most of the time she growls at Paisley. That right there is why Harper came along! Harper is going to be 2 in November and she is the sweetest thing ever! If you are ever stuck thinking what breed of dog should I get that will always be nice to my kiddo… the answer is a DOODLE! Harper is a Golden Doodle. We just love her.

Everyday Paisley has been writing to her teacher at school! It is called the Daily News… I am sure many of you have kids that are assigned to do this also. This photo is from yesterday when I was at work trying to get those Bow Boxes out for you all! Both Paisley and Penley did a lot of school work while I was working don’t worry and don’t judge either! Someone has to go in and ship out your bows! My office is safe for the kiddos we are the only ones there and then we go straight home.

Last night for dinner I was kinda in a hurry. I thought I was going to make one of these recipes that I had planned on Pinterest… it was a Salisbury Meatball but then I noticed all my hamburger meat was frozen 😦 I totally forgot I ran out of fresh meat. So I made this recipe instead for Unstuffed Peppers. Totally worth it- the only two things I did different with the recipe instead of 2 cups of tomato sauce I used 1 can… we aren’t like super tomato type of people so I got nervous using that much! The other thing I did was put in diced Jalapenos. It is something you should cook though for sure! I paired it with Jalapeno Rice.

Enough of personal talk… time for a little bow talk. Above photo is the Pink Tulips this bow is one of my new favorite items. It comes in 4 sizes and every size is cute on.

Yesterday I shipped over 75 boxes out… It was a big big day. Many of you were asking for some Matilda Jane Matches like we used to do each month… Well guess what I took the time to make you a couple photos of what goes with it the main pieces…. I love the colors that Matilda Jane Clothing went with this month! Click here to buy some matching hairbows… for some of your favorite pieces you bought.

This week we made a wonderful Peanut Butter Pie. I know you are thinking it… Peanut Butter in a pie? Yes!!! We did do this recipe right here! Paisley took 100 hairbows from my office yesterday and said she was going to hang them up in her room and wear a bow everyday. This bow is super cute its the cow print bow… it isn’t listed yet – but coming soon. Don’t you just love it for pigtails? They are size large. So when they do get listed on the site buy 2 large so that your kiddo can look as cute as mine!

The girls have been coming up with new games to play… I guess you can only play so many rounds of Monopoly, Pictionary, OOOPPS and all the other kid games before you say alright that is enough what is next…. Well this is next and you should totally try this in your house too! The girls went into the fridge and pantry and grabbed some things they like and don’t like to start with. They went upstairs and grabbed 2 little people as their game pieces. They grabbed a dice to roll with. Here is how the game goes. Start in the same spot as the rest of the players. Youngest player goes first. Roll and whatever you land on you have to try. It is that simple. It was sure funny watching the girls eat random things by themselves… the Ketchup was my favorite to watch Penley eat. I hope they play this game again!

Like the title above states… time is all we have. It is true. It is nice to have the girls around so much for sure… it really does feel like summer around our house… minus the I make them do some school work! We are trying to keep a routine at our house too… the first 2 weeks we let the girls stay up as long as they wanted but these last two weeks we have decided NO WAY we have to have a routine around this house. This is our new normal. I hope your new normal is going your way!

Tuesday Talk

Have you ever ordered our Bow Box!? Let me just tell you all about it if you haven’t… because you are really missing out. The Bow Box is a fun way to collect hairbows! You get 5 bows for a low cost! Each month we release 5 new bows. It is a mix of sizes and styles. You get 2 casual bows, 2 classy bows and 1 cute bow. The cute bow is a fun printed hairbow! The best part is you can sign up for it to come monthly! But of course you can get one box at a time by going to the website and just clicking on just this month.

April Bow Box – The Original

Do you have a baby or toddler with no hair? Guess what you can totally add on headbands to your bow box. These are the bands we pick for the April Box. You can get them as interchangeables like in photo (meaning you slide the bow onto the band) or you can purchase it with the bow attached.

Above is the Bigger Bow Box! I like this box because the bows range from Xlarge – Xlarge Jumbo so you are getting those big bows that we know you all love!

If you have a daughter like either of mine they love a good headband. Sometimes my kids wear these bands by themselves…. but it is super easy to slide the bow into these bands and create your own custom look! The April Bow Box is a great way to add Spring hairbows to your collection. You should totally order a box.

Another week in the books

Favorite part of math for Penley is to glue the answers on the page!

It’s Monday March 30th! Here is what we did over the last couple days… a bunch of school books because well right now I am a stay at home, small business owner, chef, and school teacher all wrapped up into one!

Paisley loves all school work… ALL OF IT… no lie!

I have enjoyed having my kids around 24/7 for the last 3 weeks. We are making the best of it at our house. How about you guys what have y’all been doing? If you are anything like our family you have played 200 plus rounds of Monopoly. It is a fun game for sure and my kids love it.

Monopoly Junior is a piece of cake for Paisley and Penley… maybe too easy for Paisley but Penley just turned 5 so I am not sure she is ready for the grown up version… thoughts?

I have been cooking recipes that have been saved into my Pinterest board for the last year that I thought I would never get around to cooking… but here we are 3 weeks in and we have tried something different every single night. I have to say I am quite the chef now… check these out…

Creamy Steak Fettuccine!
Peanut Butter Bundt Cake – Mix and Match Mama

Remember I said small business… well I still have to make sure my hairbow company keeps shipping out! I loved working on these orders over this last week. The Watermelon hairbow is one of my all time favorites.

These Small Grosgrains are great colors for Spring! Aqua, Strawberry Punch, Pink, Orchid and Ivory.

We had a lot of fun doing water ballons over the weekend. We also went for a multiple walks to the nature park just down the street from us this weekend. The girls both packed their own backpacks full of water and snacks… just in case you know they got hungry. Guess which one of them ate and walked…. yup, if you said Penley you are right!

After our walk on Sunday we had a picnic behind our pool. Who would have guessed that Penley wanted Ramen Noodles at a picnic!? This five year old cracks me up. It looks like many more picnics are in our near future.

Beef Brisket – It has a video which I love a good easy cooking video!

This was our dinner on Sunday night. Did you know most nights I take a photo of what we eat and I put them in my Instagram Stories!? Click Here to see my Instagram!

I hope you all have a happy Monday. Off to make some bows and teach these kids!!! Love you all.

Over the Weekend

Over the weekend the girls got to have a spa day. I pampered them as if they were at a fancy get away trip! First I gave them a long bubble bath and really treated their hair. They had so much fun in the tub and I even put on spa music. It was seriously so relaxing.

The girls didn’t know what I had planned for them up until moments before. They were thrilled! It had been a while since they had been to the nail salon so it was much needed.

Penley always picks 5 colors.

I set the colors out and prepared while they were playing in the tub.

Next it was time to wash their feet, cut their toenails and do a little mani and pedicure! Along with a grown up mask from Tula!

Left hand and foot are Penley and right is Paisley.

Lunch was easy! Pizza for the girls and I had a spinach wrap chicken sandwich! Sooo good!

Everyday is a good day to cuddle with Harper Doodle!
We colored a lot on this paper I got when I went to Calloways!

I had to get a lemon and lime tree I just had too! We have had a lemon tree in the past and I loved it. My little family consumes so many lemon and limes in our water everyday I thought yes we need these little trees!

I also grabbed these flowers for my front porch. Not really sure if many people will see them with everything that is going on in the world but you know what… it made me happy to grab them and put them on my front step.

Penley tried so hard to learn how to jump rope. Paisley and I decided we will work with her a little more! I took videos but apparently I didn’t have the photo the right direction to post on here. If you want to check those our you will have to go to my instagram.

They both had a lot of fun outside when it wasn’t raining here in Texas. Hope you all had a wonderful time with your kiddos this weekend. For most of you today means… homeschooling again. I’m with ya on it. I’ll make sure I take photos and keep up to date with you. I would love to see what all you are doing at home this week. Make sure to tag us #onestopbowshop @onestopbowshop

Will you make your kids get dressed to do homeschool? Will you stick to a schedule? Will you say no way I am not teaching my kids? Let me know! Happy Monday!

Friday Favs

Paisley and Penley!

It has been a long week of juggling things with the kiddos being out of school. I am sure you are in the exact same boat… but guess what… we made it to Friday! I wanted to make sure I give you some of our favorites this week. Here we go!

Glitter Sheer

Above is our Glitter Sheer hairbow I am loving this style. This bow comes in a total of 26 colors!!! We offer this hairbow in a Large and a Xlarge size both are adorable on! It is the perfect bow for dressing up a little cute tshirt or wearing with a pretty dress!

Listed by Color!
Blue Blooms!

This one is new to One Stop Bow Shop. I love this new print! Have you seen it? It is super springy and super cute. I love the aqua and oinky pig colors in it. Speaking of Aqua another one of my picks is this Aqua Glitter Grosgrain that is pictured below!

Glitter Grosgrain – Aqua

Well those are my top 3 picks for this week I hope you love them too!


I have been working so hard on uploaded hairbows by color on the site. Yesterday I told you I would be uploading these Grosgrain Stack hairbows. Well I got all 98 colors on the site and ready to view by color. Super cute I will say – as I was so excited about it I said you know what…. Y’all should get a sale on these for 2 days!! Click the link to go shop these cute bows at 30% off.

Guess what… if you order Weds or Thurs we will make sure to ship them out by Friday! Yes, my staff is super quick on making handmade hairbows for you. Enjoy your day today!

Tuesday Talk

Well Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you on this edition of Tuesday Talk. Today only we have FREE SHIPPING on the site when you enter code: pinch

Clover Hairbow – Prepare for next year if you didn’t already grab this one.

Paisley is such a great student she loves to do her vision therapy homework everyday. It has been a tough almost 20 weeks of exercises and homework but there has been so much progress along the way. Paisley is determined to get through it and she actually enjoys the extra work. If you are wondering why it is so tough it is because both her eyes work individually and with that comes double vision. So we are training her eyes to work together and building muscles that didn’t even know they existed. This makes her tired, emotional, gives headaches and mood swings (probably just preparing me for her being a teenager). She is doing amazing and we are so proud of her hard work.

Yes, my kids are in the same pjs they wore all day yesterday…

I am so grateful for my kids having each other. Especially now when Paisley is out of school for who really knows how long. How sweet is it that they are playing Monopoly together without me even saying go play. I love when they love each other.

Working from home!

I love working from home. I am able to get behind my computer when I know my kids are busy and really zone in on what I am supposed to do. Get in the groove of it all. When I am at the office with my staff I get distracted with picture taking and talking about what sold and all the important office day to day things. Obviously these are both important… so I try to do a healthy balance of both. For today I will work from home.

Tape Measurement Sizes

One of the big things I have been working on is adding tape measure sizes to each category so that you can see approximately how big a bow is! Super helpful.

Yesterday I worked super hard to get these Grosgrain Stack Hairbows listed by color. Head to the site and check them out. It’s beautiful to scroll through the pages of 98 color options! Well that is all for now… like I said I have to do some work from home so wish me luck.

Monday Madness

Well as everyone knows the schools are extending their spring breaks to try to prevent the spreading of this crazy virus that is currently uncontrollable. I pray for you mamas everyday. Many of you work and will have to make tough decisions about what to do with the kids. Do you leave them at home? Take a week off work? Leave with friends? It’s a rough time right now. Please be praying for our country as it feels it is falling apart.

Crazy how empty all the grocery shelves are.
I went to 4 stores over the last 2 weeks and this is how they all looked.

It’s scary to walk in grocery stores and see shelves and shelves gone. I know in my lifetime I have never seen anything like this at the store. As our country tries to stop the spread of this virus try to remember to love on your family and friends. Be there for each other. It is as simple as if you are at store and you know your friend or family member needs something go ahead and pick it up for them. Go that extra mile for them.

Paisley loves making SLIME and she loves making all the colors. We use paint instead of food coloring like a lot of people say to do.
Penley cracks me up. She has matching PJ’s that we set together in her drawers. She NEVER wears the matches though. She says it looks better mixed up!

Over the long weekend my kids got excited because they made slime and honestly the only time we were out of our PJ’s was to be in our swimsuits! I know slime is messy and a lot of moms hate it. I think I say it almost every time my kids make it (until this weekend – I told my kids from now on you have to get it all out on your own and pick it all up on your own… y’all are big kids now if y’all can’t do that then there is no slime). I mean they are only going to be little once, I want them to have fun and obviously be responsible so I put two and two together! You have one time of your kids being little guys! Enjoy every second of it. Even if it’s messy, hard, tough and stressful. We aren’t promised tomorrow. None of us. Love on your kids more than ever make sure they know and remember when they were little my parents loved on me!

Now, as my kids worked on their slime this is what I did! I have been working behind the scenes of the website. My staff and I have been trying to get y’all great photos of all the styles and getting them on the website along with all of our social platforms too. It is tough work and takes a long time. It is going to be well worth it for you all though.

There is something magically about seeing the actual bow made in the color you want. These Grosgrain Stacks will start being uploaded today. I love love love this style.

Now that I have shared a little about this crazy Monday and what I have been working on the site its time for me to get ready and head to work to check in on the staff that is making your orders to ship out! Have a happy Monday guys. Love you all.

Tutorial Thursday

Let’s start with separating the hair with half up and half down and pigtails on sides. We will get into all the details in next couple photos.

Next divide the half up and half down into three or four small ponytails. This will all depend on how much hair your daughter has. Penley has a lot of hair but it is thin.

We were able to divide her hair into four small pigtails. Go ahead and make both sides of pigtails pretty… After that you are going to half each of those small ponytails. Now here is the trick to making them stay pretty… don’t try to put the half ponytails into the rubberband that is already there… use a second band to put them into the pigtail (no one will every know)!

Here is the completed look!!! Adorable right!?

Absolutely adorable Penley loves it too! Yes, she is still wearing Valentines Shirts 🤦🏽‍♀️ not sure why we are almost to St Patrick’s day. By the way did you see our new St Patrick’s Day bow!?!