Orders Like So Many!

Wow, that is a lot of orders to ship out on a Tuesday. Yes, that is right all these photos are orders that went out yesterday. Did you know that I show videos of each order coming in and I tell y’all all about them on our stories on IG and Facebook! I have gotten amazing feedback from our followers on social that it is really helping them place orders. Also that it is fun to see what everyone else is ordering so they can see what is trending.

I have to go ahead and tell y’all…. there is a lot of new ribbon coming to OneStopBowShop.com – there is a link to the new item area on the site! Search all pages on there though because it doesn’t let me organize it by newest….

Some new things that are coming are Polka Dots, Halloween, Christmas and more Mix and Match Prints. I have to say I am excited about where One Stop Bow Shop is going.

One last thing before I go start my workday…. remember if you want something specially made like a mix and match print that you don’t see listed… just contact me! I will let you know if we can do it and I will also let you know how to place the order for it.

Happy Wednesday!

A huge release of things

First off I have to start with the Corduroy and the Velvet Bows. Man, aren’t they awesome. For years I have had customers ask me for Velvet. My answer was always no we don’t do that. Last week I wondered why, why don’t we do that? I thought at first it was because they always seem so weird looking (from other companies) that I didn’t know if I could make it up to standard of One Stop Bow Shop. Well guys, guess what! I did it. My staff and I can totally make the Velvet bow perky! If you know anything about One Stop Bow Shop… it is quality. I WILL NOT DO IT if I can’t make it right. When I say right I mean The Bow Shop way. We are not throwing bows together, we are not playing craft time, this is not a hobby. This is important. This is your hairbows we are talking about. I love what I do and of course that means you get the best quality products from OneStopBowShop.com

Some really great Halloween Bows were launched! More styles are coming soon to this category. We are also getting in a lot of Fall and Christmas Styles for you too. Be watching!!!!

If you haven’t heard the Grosgrain and the Grosgrain Classic bows are on sale… until Thursday! Head to site for the coupon code it is on the homepage.

A big release of school bows just went to the site also. Find all of our school styles here. This one is fun too… you can custom design colors for school here.

So many new and fun things are happening right here at your favorite bow shop.

New on The Website!

Click here to grab it
Click here to grab it

We have some pretty amazing items in shop! Come check them out.

So many new items are coming to OneStopBowShop.com soon. Be watching for these amazing Hairbows to be released. We can’t wait to get them online for you. We are having more prints for Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. I must also say we will have corduroy and velvet bows too!!!

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Love One Stop Bow Shop!

A Full Week

This week I have felt so blessed to be your favorite Bow Shop! We have had so many new customers and so many repeat customers place orders. Things are starting to feel somewhat normal again around One Stop Bow Shop. Our Matilda Jane launch went under way. Our July Bundle is selling like crazy. The Instagram and Facebook stories have been getting amazing feedback! I just feel so blessed for all of my sweet customers and followers! Here are a couple orders that came in this week or if you want a full view go to our Instagram Highlights and look under the tabs marked orders!

This next week I am excited because we are launching so many new items. I don’t want to say too much about them yet but just be watching! If you feel like you have to know what they are and you can’t wait then click here and join my private facebook for yall!

This bow just launched and I think it is going to sell just as well as the number two pencils! This bow is called The Notebook.

Have a great weekend! Love, Casey

Matilda Jane Hairbows!

Each month that Matilda Jane Clothing launches a new line, OneStopBowShop.com loves to show you what colors will go with it! This month these are the colors we picked for you. If you love Matilda Jane then you can buy this entire bundle here in any of our 9 sizes. Or you can shop individual colors here…. Here are the colors that you will need to know: Blue Lagoon, Coral Rose, Yellow Gold, Slate Grey, Blue Eyed Girl, Aqua and Lace White. Another thing we like to offer is prints that coordinate with MJC.

The July launch for Matilda Jane drops online tomorrow. You can order with a Trunk Keeper today! You can also go ahead and grab some great bows to go with those cute outfits now. Remember One Stop Bow Shop ships within 1/4 business days!

Bows Bows & More Bows

Did you know you can get social with us!? Yup on Instagram I ask for y’alls feedback all the time! I love being able to feel like we are best friends.

With soooo many orders coming in from our latest promo I have to say thank you to everyone who has placed an order. We did this last promo for a week. It was so much fun giving away a bow for every $10 y’all spent. Here are just a few of the orders that came in on Friday that were sent out today.

I sent out a totally of 30 orders today and there are soooo many more to be made and finished. I can’t wait to show y’all more of them. You definitely need to be following my Instagram Stories and Private Facebook Group.

I’m loving the Facebook Group too because y’all can easily share photos! Checkout this little bowhead!!! Look at all those bows!!! She loves @onestopbowshop

Please tag and share us in photos!!! It’s fun to be able to see your kiddos wearing our products! Use hashtag #onestopbowshop @onestopbowshop



So this morning I thought I would get a lot done for the office… I’m currently working on packing orders! This promo that I launched is doing sooo good. If you are interested in getting a free bow for every $10 spent I would totally hurry up! I don’t know how much longer this will be going on…. I know I have a lot of people messaging me when do I have till? Girl, I am telling you now go ahead and order. This could stop at anytime!

This is just one of the huge orders that we have gotten over on the site onestopbowshop.com

So while I’m doing all this boxing and my staff is busy making and cutting, I get a message from a sweet long time customer. She said hey can you make this (sends me a photo of a bow) I said well yah I can, I don’t have that style but I can totally make it. At first I wasn’t so sure but guys oh my gosh I made one and was sold!!! I am introducing to you our Equestrian Style!!! First in a ruffle to come soon more ribbon types!

I mean come on I know Paisley is cute…. but honestly that bow!!! Paisley even loved it she said Mom I totally need you to make me more of these. The colors she picked were: white, ivory, black, hot pink, pink and peach!!

Another photo of a huge order!!! Love you guys!!!

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Look What We Did

One Stop Bow Shop did it… finally after so many years we created a PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE…. I know I should have done it sooner. I am sorry but you are welcome. So many have asked and I have finally found the time to get it going. Click Here to join!

In this group we will have so much fun, we will get to interact as a community! You can ask questions to fellow bow mamas, to me and even post your own photos into the group. I can’t wait to help y’all and to teach you all along the way. I would love your help growing the page. I am giving a free rainbow cookie bow to those who add 10+ people to the group! Wow I am all about free… I mean by now you all should know that LOL. All you have to do is message me after you add your friends, I will look into it and then message you back to see where you want me to send that free hairbow! I must must must mention you get to pick the size also: Large, Xlarge, Jumbo or Xlarge Jumbo!

Speaking of FREE…. Did you see the PROMO my website has right now?!? I mean it is better that the mystery boxes we do in the spring. Your free bows will be picked based off your order (what the staff thinks you might enjoy). Free is Fun!

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Back To School

One Stop Bow Shop has been gearing up for back to school. We are ready! Checkout some of these new prints if you missed them. Click here to view all school bows online.

We have been loving taking photos and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. Not only that but also taking some videos of orders. That has been fun because you can learn and see what is popular with others right now. Visit our IG TV to make sure you don’t miss a video!

One more BIG announcement we have is that so many of you were asking for a place to go and talk to other BOW HEAD MAMA’S and interact with fellow ONE STOP BOW SHOP customers, fans and of course me (Casey Higginbotham- the owner) … well here is a GROUP for you. We would LOVE to have you join and invite all your friends into the group.

July 1st Bow Box Day

Starting at only $20 July Bow Box Shipping Now!

I have to make this fast but I wanted to make sure I start blogging again! Lately I have been sooo overwhelmed like many of you. In so many ways my company feels like a start up company again. With the country being how it is these days we had to make adjustments at the office. I am happy to say One Stop Bow Shop is doing so well though. I just wear a lot more hats then I used to… well I used to wear all these hats in the beginning like 10 years ago. That is right if you are new to One Stop Bow Shop we are the ORIGINAL one! I am proud of growing such a fantastic company that so many customers have loved for years and years.

I just started a PRIVATE group on facebook Please join it! I know we are having a lot of fun showing off photos and getting to know each other and along the way I will even answer your questions and whatever may come up!

If you are new to us you might also want to start checking out our Instagram because I have been showcasing orders and teaching there too!

Paisley and Penley – My two not so little bowheads!

I am Casey! I am so glad you found @onestopbowshop #onestopbowshop Please share your photos on Instagram and Facebook to help spread the word about the best hairbow company ever! Word of mouth is truly appreciated!