About Me!

Hi, I am Casey!

Owner of One Stop Bow Shop

I am the owner of The Bow Shop are you ready to get to know me!? I will try to sum up the last almost 10 years quickly. I started a hairbow company back in 2010 while being pregnant… I never claimed to be smart- just hard working… during this crazy time I also managed a retail business for my mother – shes is the one who taught me to work so hard. Once my oldest Paisley (now 9 years old) came around I decided quickly I couldn’t do it all I wasn’t Wonder Women. My hairbow company started small and only did wholesale (selling to companies that would resell in their stores). I pretty much only sold wholesale for the first 7 years and would do retail here and there but I NEVER EVER EVER pushed it – I had a website of course and whatever came in we would do. I took a step back that 7th year and SAID ohhh my goodness (because we don’t say OMG in my house) – this isn’t working…. but what is working… RETAIL ONLINE… so I decided to switch things up in 2017 and strictly go after retail clients (that’s y’all guys by the way)…. I did this because I REALLY wanted to KNOW MY CUSTOMERS… the individuals… my people wearing the bows – as it was awesome to sell to all the wholesale businesses I never felt like I knew the people wearing my hairbows. Now I can proudly say I am where I need to be serving my little bowheads and their mamas. The best thing about owning my own company is the freedom it comes with to be with my girls and my husband of almost 13 years.

Meet My Girls
  • Paisley 9 years
  • Penley 5 years
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