Total Bowhead Thursday

Well we made it to Friday Eve! That is right it is TBT! Total Bowhead Thursday… I have the perfect little cutie for you! Let’s see what mom has to say about Everleigh!!

Everleigh is 9 months old! She is the sweetest, happiest baby! She loves her older brother, being outside, swinging, and baseball games! Going to parks are her favorite thing!

Fun fact: I have followed OSBS before I found out my first born was a boy, hoping to buy bows from the shop, and then I had to wait 4 whole years to get a girl! It was worth the wait! Now we are loving our bow collection and Everleigh has had a bow on every day of her life!

Wow! Amazing little fun fact right!!! I am so thankful for the people who follow me @onestopbowshop that don’t even have a daughter yet! It is so neat to see stories like this play out.

Happy Friday Eve! Make sure you check back tomorrow on the blog for something fantastic!!!

Love Always, Casey

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