Friday Finds

It is Friday!!!! Who is excited?

My kids are, that is for sure. Tonight we are going to a friends house for PIZZA!!!! Yes, we are looking forward to that. One of our volleyball games got changed last minute so we are free!!!!

I have something special for y’all… FOR FRIDAY FINDS!!!

I mean you already know about this part of the site (sale now) but I am going to show you again… LIMITED STOCK IS 40% off until SUNDAY… you better act fast so you don’t miss out. Here are a couple orders that have come in this week from that sale!!! I mean it honestly doesn’t get much better than 40% off… well unless you have a coupon you can use on top of it…. not always do we allow coupons on a cart level discount but this one you can!!!

Here is the FRIDAY FINDS!!! These will be listed until SUNDAY as well… act fast because the price will go back up to original price Sunday at 9pm!!! BOWHOLDER STRIPS AND BOWHOLDER WITH LOOPS!!!

Friday – Sunday Only $2 and $3 depending on length!
Friday – Sunday only $8

Mamas if you are needing to organize and get those bows off the floor, out of the drawers or just thrown wherever now is an amazing time to go grab some Bowholder Strips!

There are so many exciting things happening at One Stop Bow Shop… I promise to start posting again on TUESDAYS for TUESDAY TALK so you know all about what is coming soon!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Love Always, Casey

PS REMEMEBR TO TAG US IN PHOTOS! #onestopbowshop and @onestopbowshop

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