Total Bowhead Thursday

Today we get to meet another Bowhead!!!! Yup it is Thursday! Time for Total Bowhead Thursday~ Today we meet Olivia – let’s see what mom has to say!

Olivia will be 4 years old in July and loves dancing and helping others. She has the biggest heart and always makes sure everyone is cared for and loved. Olivia has a brother named Kyle who is 18 months younger than her. Kyle and Olivia loving playing “puppy” or “baby” where Olivia takes full advantage of putting accessories on Kyle because he has to be a girl puppy or baby for her to play with him. Her favorite thing to do every night after bath is to carefully choose a pair of high heels, a crown, a wand and jewelry to match her pajamas and has us all sit in the living room as she walks down our hallway like a runway to show off her outfit.

It is always fun to show you a bowhead!!! I hope you enjoyed!

Love Always, Casey!!!

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