My Life Monday!

My sister had a baby! Baby Beckett. We got to go see him a few times over the weekend. I am in love. Oh he is so stinking cute. Here are a couple photos of us loving on him.

If you didn’t already know my girls are really into volleyball. I love that they enjoy playing. Paisley enjoys volleyball so much that she is on 2 teams with some friends that have siblings. Actually half of these girls all play on the other team… they are playing with their big sisters…. I really like watching them play together and support each other. It is fun to see sisters that close. Plus they are playing up and gaining all sorts of experience.

Now for a little of what has been going on at the office and behind the scenes…

I have been working on print charts! Here are the ones that are up and on the Cheer Style area for you to shop from. I am working hard to be able to come up with a way for yall to shop by size! I know that is super exciting. It will only take me a few more days to get it all in order! I know you will enjoy it.

Today started the day of 40% off our LIMITED STOCK area!!! You will totally need to go check that out today. No code is needed so if you have a code it would be a great time to get extra savings!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!

Love Always, Casey!

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