Total Bowhead Thursday

This week has flown by so quickly. Tomorrow I will make sure on FRIDAY FINDS that we show you what has shipped out this week and what is going on around the office also! So many fun things are happening at One Stop Bow Shop

Today though is TBT are you ready for it. We have a cute little girl for you. Her name is Caroline – let’s hear what mom has to say!!

Caroline is 2.5. She is full of spunk and has a mind of her own! She loves playing outside and insists on going on a “cat walk” each day before dinner. We don’t have any pets so cat walks are a chance to spot the cats in our neighborhood that freely roam.

She is a great big sister to brother Benjamin who will turn 1 in May. Caroline enjoys running and dancing too! She keeps us on our toes and laughing. We have had a bow subscription since Caroline was a few months old so she’s always in OSBS!

Wow! She is adorable. I am so glad we got to share this bowhead of the week with you. Stay tuned tomorrow for something fabulous!!!

Make sure on social you are using our #onestopbowshop – RANDOM WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN TO WIN SOME FUN THINGS!!!!

Get to tagging. Love Always, Casey!

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