Friday Finds

Hey MAMA, it is Friday… we made it!!! Another week almost in the books. Guess what we got for you today… yes for the first time ever we are releasing several bows at only $1 – for this weekend only!

The sequin and recital bows have multiple colors… the printed bows are multiple sizes!!! I put some easy links under the photo to take you to the site to grab each one!

Fall Paisley

Greek Key

Recital Sequins

Sequin Flip

Peace Sign

I hope you guess are super excited about this! I know I am. Another key thing to remember is that we are passing out a FREE SURPRISE BOWHOLDER AND FREE SURPRISE BOW with orders over $20 until the 11th!!!!

Have you seen the APRIL bow box? IT IS ADORABLE!!! Paisley is modeling the Big Box!!!!

Penley is wearing the original box!

So you might head to the site for a bow box or maybe $1 items… either way just head to now!

Love Always, Casey

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