Total Bowhead Thursday

Here are some sweet bowheads we found on our VIP Page this week! Make sure you go join that group we have a lot of fun there.


Let’s see what mom has to say…

Campbell and Kennedy are 10 months old today! They were born 4 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the NICU. IVF miracles after 16 years of trying. Our little blessings… Campbell is the older sister by 1 minute but Kennedy weighs 4 pounds more than her.

Campbell is a Mama’s girl through and through -Kennedy is a Daddy’s girl -Demeanor is completely opposite of one another Campbell is hyper and bubbly Kennedy is calm and quiet I think we have one of each- extrovert and introvert -Campbell is just like her Daddy and Kennedy is just like Mama -Kennedy is a night owl and Campbell is an early bird -Kennedy is already pulling up and walking around things while holding on and Campbell has absolutely no interest in doing anything but being held. She is wanting to stand now though while holding onto someone.

They love hot dogs, chicken, peas, carrots, and anything fruity, especially little orange cuties. Oh and bread! Girls after their Mama’s heart -They also LOVE the baby channel especially when the Grub Hub commercial comes on. -They both love being outside -They each have over 60 OSBS bows. Mama buys the bows first and then finds an outfit to match -They leave their own bows alone but always want to mess with each other’s!!

Oh man they are adorable right!? Yes! I am right. I say it each week… I love being about to post a bowhead of the week (or two in this case) each week! I have the best best customers!

Have a wonderful Thursday! See you back Friday for Friday Favorites!

Love Always, Casey

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