What You Missed Wednesday

If you haven’t been Instagram and Facebook stocking us lately here is what you missed. Click that link and you will see more details like colors and sizes!!! I know below you see a lot of MYSTERY BOXES! I hope you got yours ordered during the time frame we had them.

If not don’t worry about it just make sure you PAY ATTENTION to BLOG and to SOCIAL MEDIA because they could be back for a limited time at any minute – or we may be doing another mystery box down the road and you won’t want to miss out on that!

The April Bow Box shipped out April 1st – this box comes in 3 box options with multiple sizes per box. Scroll down to see a up close of that print!

I love this APRIL print. You may purchase it in the BUILD YOUR OWN BOX… you do not have to purchase all 5 bows you can purchase any number of them! Check it out.

We love that you came to read the BLOG TODAY! Make sure you go checkout our VIP PAGE on Facebook. We would love to start being social with you there also!

Have a wonderful Wednesday Mama. See you back here tomorrow for Total Bowhead Thursday!!!

Love Always Casey.

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