Tuesday Talk

Today I want to talk about all the SALES coming up and all the NEW BOWS coming up too! So many wonderful things are happening over at One Stop Bow Shop!

April 5th – 11th we are giving away a free bowholder and a free hairbow with orders over $20. Save the dates for these other great sales that are listed below. Glitter Grosgrain and Limited Stock area going on big sale soon!!!!

What about launches of new items? Yes we have dates for those this month also. This one is super exciting because it is launched TODAY… it is the Matilda Jane NEW PRINTS!!! There are 4 of them!

The Dino Bow is coming on April 7th! That is seriously tomorrow!! You definitely need this bow for sure.

Cheer style is coming back to One Stop Bow Shop on April 14th! We are super excited about this one as many people have been asking for a long long time.

Save the date for that topper!!! It is going to be the Topper that your kiddo wants to wear every single day!

I love the Happy Birthday bow and so does Paisley! Your little girl will too.

These are the main releases and the main sales we have going on this month!!!! Of course you should always check the blog on Fridays because you just never know what will pop up!

I hope you enjoyed Tuesday Talk!

Love Always, Casey

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