My Life Monday

We did our FIRST ever Saturday Night church. I have to say I thought it would be weird… not going on a Sunday. It was actually amazing. I am so glad that our church offered it. It was perfect for us this year.

Our little family of 4.

My parents joined us for church. So glad they did.

Sunday morning Paisley woke up and before we left the house for Brunch she wrote the Easter Bunny this note. My sweet sweet girl. I love both of these girls so much. They are at the perfect age. I know I say that to them all the time. I also have been telling them this for like the last 5 years!!! Each age is so sweet to me. I enjoy my girls.

So happy on the way to brunch photo! Checkout Penley’s face…. haha! Cracking me up. Speaking of cracking me up… look at these girls and their mess of confetti eggs they made.

I hope your Easter was as good as ours!! Make sure this week you go checkout the new promos we are giving away!

Shop site now!

Love Always, Casey!

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