What You Missed Wednesday

Today is the day that I show you WHAT YOU HAVE MISSED if you haven’t been looking in the IG STORIES or FB STORIES! Did you know that that we save these orders in our highlights!? Yes, I think I say this every week… but did you also know that on the orders we put the colors and prints these bows are!? So if that strikes you interest head to our IG now!

April Box is launched and ready for you to buy. You can buy the entire box or build your own.

If you build your own you do not have to get all 5 bows but you can.

SAVE THE DATE – That Dino on that bow is coming APRIL 7TH…. There is also a new UNICORN topper coming to the site on APRIL 21st.

Tomorrow is TOTAL BOWHEAD THURSDAY. So we hope to see you back for that. FOLLOWED BY FRIDAY FINDS!!! Which happens to fall on Good Friday! I WONDER WHAT I HAVE IN SHOP FOR YOU!?

Make sure you checkout the APRIL BOW BOX – That new Watercolor Rainbows is adorable!

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday! Love Always, Casey!

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