My Life Monday

Oh this weekend was fun. The girls had volleyball games on Friday and Sunday this weekend. This is a photo I snapped before going into church!

Penley and her team WON their first game!!! I was so excited about it too. They started playing together in the fall of last year. A few team members didn’t want to play up and we added a few new in their place! Penley’s team is playing 3/4 grade volleyball. YES Penley is only in Kindergarten – she is just really good at volleyball – it is because she has a big sister that loves to play and play with her. There is a video below of both girls serving.

Here is Brandon with his lucky number 7 girls! He is one lucky man.

I love watching and coaching these girls. it is so much fun to watch them grow in a sport they both enjoy.

Checkout this Reel Paisley did… it involves tumbling and volleyball …. a new sport coming your way!

Over the weekend Matilda Jane had their drop. If you haven’t seen it checkout these photos you will love it. Place orders here for bows.

It is time to go purchase some Matilda Jane Clothing and also some Matilda Jane Matches!

Saw something cute and don’t have a trunk keeper let me know and I will give you a list of ones I know! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday morning and a great great week.

Don’t forget that our MYSTERY BOXES STARTED up! You can purchase them for 3 days only…

Love Always, Casey!

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