What You Missed Wednesday

I am excited for showing off these orders that recently went out. If you need to see more in depth of exactly what was in the order or interested on the color… make sure you head to our INSTAGRAM account and checkout the HIGHLIGHTS area.

Checkout this Reel… there is an example MYSTERY BOX in it!!!

It is time to get social with us. Start following us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. AMAZING things are about to happen. HERE IS A HINT… start using our HASHTAG #onestopbowshop for amazing prizes!

If you didn’t already know that we are having FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING this week….. well I just let you know. Now that you know what are you going to do with it. Orders must be $30 BUY MAMAS that is #1 easy to do and #2 there is a sale going on with it #3 if you go to our FB Group I am sure you can find a coupon code!!!

I just stumbled on this video when I was uploading the new reel… Do y’all remember this challenge? This sounds like something fun to do again!!! ITS SPRING get to CLEANING UP THOSE BOWS… get prepared this is coming back! BE PREPARED.

I hope you all have a great day and check back here tomorrow for TOTAL BOWHEAD THURSDAY and then FRIDAY FINDS the next day!
Love Always, Casey

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