My Life Monday

It is Monday! A new sale is up on the site. Check this out. If you spend $30 we will ship your order FREE PRIORITY!!! No coupon is needed. The staff knows what to do. HOWEVER you must place your order by Friday the 26th. PLUS GUESS WHAT!!!? The Dressy Category is currently 20% off and you don’t need a code for that either.

Sunday churching!!! Super cute and super sweet…. my favorite thing that happened at church Sunday was Penley knew a song that we were all singing by heart and she chimed in as loud as her voice would go and I have to say she can be loud even though she is so small… and guys we sit on the 1st and 2nd row of the church. Honestly it brought tears to my eyes. To watch these two in church each Sunday is so special to me. I love that they will never have to guess if GOD loves them.

Over the weekend I found out that Penley can spell her name. The entire thing. Checkout that super E in Darlene.

I saw it all the time. If you need a dog get a GoldenDoodle they are the perfect emotional support dog.

Some people sunbath normal (like Paisley) others cover their entire body (like Penley).

After 3 trips of different fishing experiencing and many many hours of sitting and waiting in several different states… we finally caught some fish… some of our close friends asked us to go fishing in their little neighborhood pond. Low and behold we caught like 7 fish in 20 minutes. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!! It was so much fun, the girls can’t wait to go back and catch more fish soon.

I hope something in this post made you smile this MONDAY morning.

Love Always Casey

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