Friday Finds

Did you see that we have the new Matilda Jane matches up for March!? They are beautiful.

I sure love these 3 new prints!!! Click here to grab one! I would love to know which of these three bows is your favorite!

Another did you know… did you know that if you leave your IG name at checkout on our site we will tag you when we are ready to ship it!? Yup!

Now for a Friday Find….. this one is great. I love me some leopard…

Remember I said I would let you know what we were up to this week during Spring Break… well… Paisley has done a couple lemonade stands… we called her friends and my friends… she made like $80 in one day. Kinda crazy if you ask me. She passed out free brownies with a glass of lemonade.

I have been working with my Aunt Sherry on transitioning my home! I am so excited about all the new changes coming into my home. Those curtains will be coming down… just an fyi… the rug – oh yah that is new! The chair is from a different room but I kind of like it in here now. The table and lamp are temporary pieces for this room until my real orders come in!

I have lived in my new home for 3 years now and have never ordered real outside sofas and chairs… so the mystery in these boxes are just that! I can’t wait to show yall later.

If you know me… then you know I am trying my best to RAISE RESPONSIBLY HUMAN BEINGS over here! Here are the girls going through their closets. They were told to decide what they like, don’t like, what fits, doesn’t fit and make all the correct piles then we would go through them. THEY DID SO GOOD.

Look how cute they are!!

We have had a TON of play dates this week. I have gotten to make some great friendships through my girls. I am just so thankful I had these two babies. I know they aren’t babies anymore but to me they will always be babies. I have enjoyed my week off of work… yes, I have been in contact with the office daily and I have been mailing out boxes but I haven’t physically been to work to work. Hopefully if you are on Spring Break you are enjoying it too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love Always, Casey

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