Total Bowhead Thursday!

Thursday is here!!!! It is time to see a bowhead… actually 2!!!

Let’s look into another bowhead of the week!!!! Here is what mom has to say.

This is Gracelyn and Madelyn. They make up the oldest and youngest of our crew of 4 kids! They have 2 brothers in between them. Gracelyn is 8. She started wearing bows again when Madelyn came along! Gracelyn has found a new passion these last few months in cheerleading and tumbling! She is excited she now gets to begin working on backhandsprings. Gracelyn also has a love for all animals including horses. Her dream one day is to own a ranch with many horses! When she is at home you can find her going on adventures outside or playing school!

Madelyn will be 1 on April 20th! She shares a birthday with her brother who will turn 4! What are the odds! Madelyn is full of joy and such a happy little girl. She adores her siblings and wants to be just like them. She gets really excited when she sees them heading outside because she wants to go out too!

Follow along on their adventures @zlah31 on instagram. Gracelyn and Madelyn have loved finding matching outfits at their Aunt’s new kids boutique Sassy Sidekick Children’s Boutique! Finding new bows to match has been so much fun!

I love showing off our customers that love to wear our bows!!! If you love it too leave me a comment!

Have a wonderful Thursday. Love Always Casey!

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