Friday Finds!

What… it is FRIDAY? Are you ready for all this goodness? I have a total of 17 of these OMBREE EGGS left. Free with any size order when you ADD TO CART and use code: ombreegg Limit 1 per customer This is a great time to do this code also because MARCH MADNESS IS STILL GOING ON. Which means you can get up to 40% off site. That ends on the 14th PLUS ALL ORDERS get a MYSTERY COUPON code sent with their order. I know I know @onestopbowshop is the best hairbow company with the most fun sales. KEEP READING BECAUSE THERE ARE MORE DEALS BELOW!

Check it out… it is like a BOW SHOP scratch off!!! LOL… like I said I like to have fun with my small business and I know you all love it too!


Well GIRL…. you can! Look how.

That is right… THE BRAND REP SEARCH is going on now. Make sure you go to the VIP PAGE to enter! That is right being brand rep is a lot of fun…. come join us.

Did you see what the girls wore to school today!? LOL obviously I don’t dress them. I post everyday on my business page in the morning. Today was DAY 104 BACK AT SCHOOL!

Customers that are local have been asking for more hairbows at The Painted Tree… Guess what – you ask and I answer. This photo was yesterday just me taking the rack up there… I will be filling it up really soon. Like go a little later today and do some! I can’t wait to keep showing you photos!!!! If you live in the DFW area you need to know this…. I have two shop locations. One is in ARLINGTON and one is in MANSFIELD! Come see us. Located inside Gracie Lane and The Painted Tree.

YES I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE THE BOW BOX.… SO I AM OFFERING AN INCENTIVE FOR YOU TO GO SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!!! If you sign up right now thru March 14th we will SHIP YOUR ORDER PRIORITY and also GIVE YOU A FREE SURPRISE EASTER BOW… plus you can add that OMBRE EGG to your order with the coupon code AND YOU GET THAT MYSTERY COUPON TOO!!! Must make it a monthly box to get the free easter surprise bow.

So much goodness is going on at Are you joining in the fun on our social media? Click that link and it will take you to all of our handy links! Here are some things you could be doing to get free items and coupons…. use the link above so that you can go to this quick!

Well this is a lot for ONE FRIDAY! So you better hop on everywhere! I hope you have a wonderful day and you take advantage of all that my company has to offer! Love Always Casey!

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