Total Bowhead Thursday

Today is THURSDAY! That means we get to see the BOWHEAD OF THE WEEK… This week it is actually 3 sisters. Oh they are too cute too! Let me show you some of their photos! Then let’s read what mom has to say.

Desirae is the oldest- she is 10 years old- she is the sweetest, most helpful child I have ever met. She loves to dance and read. 

Macy is my middle child. She is 8. She loves playing with Barbies and drawing! 

Francesca is “the baby” and she knows it. She is 5 and She’s by far my most stubborn, heard headed child but she is also my baby lover! If there is a baby around you won’t have to look far to find her. 

All 3 of my girls have worn bows their whole life up until this year 😢 now Francesca is my only every day bow wearer. Desirae and Macy still wear them just not every singe day.

I love showing off some really cute bowheads! I know you guys love coming to the blog to see them each week also. If you are interested in your little being featured on the blog all you have to do is send me a quick email at and I will find you a date!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and make sure you come back for FRIDAY FINDS tomorrow! We will be doing something fun and also tomorrow is the day that you will get to start entering our BRAND REP SEARCH! So much goodness is going on at – don’t you want to be a part of it!?

Love Always Casey!

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