What You Missed Wednesday!

Checkout what has been shipping lately! If you want to know exactly what it is then head to the IG STORIES and look in our HIGHLIGHT SECTION!

Im excited because did you know that today is the day you can start buying the new Matilda Jane PRINTS?

I know sooo cute!!! Click here to go look at all our Matilda Jane matches!

Look what’s coming…. YAY BIRTHDAY BOWS! I know you have been asking for a while. I am excited to get these on the site soon…. and keep scrolling because there are Dino HAIRBOWS also!!!

ALSO 1 MORE THING…. go all the way down….

Mystery BOXES – yes that is right they are coming back. SAVE THE DATES: March 29th – 31st!!!!

1 MORE SAVE THE DATE AND THEN WE CAN BE DONE HERE FOR TODAY. This Friday March 12th we are launching our new BRAND REP SEARCH. Get ready with your best photos of your daughters…. be watching on VIP PAGE AND ALSO ON IG PAGE! Click our link tree to go now.

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