My Life Monday

So this last Friday I decided I really needed to work on The Painted Tree. If you are not sure what that is… let me tell you. It is a little spot we rent out inside of a much larger shop that has a collection of over 200 vendors. The Painted Tree is like our other spot we rent out of Gracie Lane! A collection of shops. So much fun. So much to look at. So much to buy.

So basically I am making more room in that shop so we can put more bows. First I had to paint the old Matilda Jane rack I had from being a trunk keeper…. I still need to take it up to The Painted Tree… I didn’t get that far…

BUT… look I added another 12 pegs to the wall… making even more room for more bows to go there. I can’t wait to fill it up.

What do you think? Pretty cool right!? It will look a lot different with the rack in there full of bows…

We went to a friends baseball game this weekend. Yes, my kids are dressing themselves and I am okay with it! They look cute to me. Paisley is wearing Penley’s shirt though… and Penley is wearing Paisley’s old boots.

Over the weekend the girls had 3 volleyball games between the 2 of them. Paisley had 2 games Friday night. Yes, she is on 2 teams this year. So you will see her in yellow some and then this jersey also. Penley had a game on Sunday. They both played hard. So proud of my volleyballers.

Make sure you watch for this… its going to be launching soon. Go here.

I also hosted a baby shower for my sister over the weekend (with some help of course from family and friends). If she sees these next two photos she likely will murder me. So if I randomly go missing track her down. Stormie is not into photos. Love her and in the 2nd picture look how cute she is sitting with my mom.

Love these two ladies. I know I know they look a lot a like. My sister is a spitting image of my mother at her age.

Well the girls are off to school this morning. I have had 2 cups off coffee and well honestly now it is time to go get Paisley for that eye appointment. Have a great great day!

Love Always Casey!

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