My Life Monday/Tuesday Talk

Yesssss, I know it is TUESDAY and we are supposed to have TUESDAY TALK…. I mean I could let you know now that BLOGGING sometimes is hard for me to do ( I am sure you have noticed)! I try my best guys LOL – there is honestly not enough hours in the day. Especially when you are growing a company (that isn’t built around blogging at all). I am not not not complaining. Let me just tell you some things really fast….

GOOD NEWS – is I have hired another staff member at the office. YAY ME. She is going to take over some of the areas that have me so backed up. This way I can get back on track with BLOGGING and TEACHING you guys about One Stop Bow Shop! I know you all want more and I want to give it to you!

The last year for OSBS has been crazy (2020) – I know it was tough for so many people…. I am happy and proud my business made it though the hard year. For several months we didn’t know what was going on with the virus (just like all of you, no one knew) so everything in the business was a 1 woman show. GUYS it hasn’t ever been that way ever, in my whole 10 years in business…. I have always always had a staff. Obviously, I made due the months that I had no staff and luckily my staff did get to return!

This year though… has been just ask rocky not because of the virus (the business is fine from it) but because my staff members have been battling family illnesses. Many of you already know the stories because I have mentioned them on here to pray for my sweet staff members. Sometimes life isn’t fair and sometimes you have to weather a storm. One Stop Bow Shop is on its way out of that big old storm now. Most of my staff is back… I can see the light through those clouds. My staff members kiddos are getting better but they aren’t out of the woods yet but there is hope. I will also say without my faith in God I would not have kept pushing and going. There has been days over the last year that I thought it would be easier to just not…. but that isn’t what God called me to do. He called me to serve. I feel with every bone in my body that God called me to make beautiful bows for little girls to enjoy. I know it isn’t serving the same as you would at Church or giving up my time to work for free or anything along those lines. All I mean is I am where I am supposed to be serving you and making your lives a little bit better by putting smiles on faces.

I love when I get those confirmations of you are where I called you to be. Look at this a sweet message came to my Instagram last night as I was working on social media photos… this right here is why I do what I do!

Customer starts the convo!

Getting this message last night was perfect for me- just a simple reminder of what One Stop Bow Shop is doing is important even if it seems so small to us. Sometimes something so small can make a big impact. I love what I do! I know y’all know I love it. I love building relationships with y’all, I love following y’alls families on Instagram (I’m not so great about doing it on Facebook LOL) I love watching your kiddos grow and seeing their personalities blossom. I just love it and I love y’all.

I know this post didn’t teach you anything and it really didn’t even talk about my life lately just a random mix of talking and life! I sure hope you enjoyed it though.

Love Always, Casey!

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