Friday Finds

A new launch of TOPPERS made it to the site today! I love this assortment. I really hope you do also. Toppers are so fun because you can wear them by themselves or you can put them on top of a hairbow for a fun spunky look!

Time to go look at what we have for you in our new item area!

If you didn’t realize that we are running a sale right now then let me just tell you about it really quick….

It is a great sale! Make sure you take advantage of it before it is gone. I know many of you know that our office has been shut down because the CRAZY TEXAS SNOW STORM…. Thursday our staff members actually got to go in for a couple hours! Today they are scheduled to come in as well (fingers crossed for 2 to 6 hours). They will be working on orders and we will start shipping again on Monday. I personally do not want to ship anything before then because well I haven’t seen a mail truck in 5 days and I don’t want our products to get lost at the post office or stuck at the bottom of the mess!

I know you all will understand because I have to say One Stop Bow Shop has the best clients. I also know many of our customers are in Texas… I pray you all are staying warm and safe. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday no matter where you live!

Love Always, Casey.

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