Total Bowhead Thursday

It is Thursday! There is no way I am missing Bowhead of The Week post even if Texas is in a SNOW LOCK DOWN. I mean the house is pretty right now though so that is a plus. We don’t get snow here in Texas often and definietly not like this. So many people are still without power and pipes are bursting everywhere. I pray that everyone stays as safe as they can and that they have what they need.

The post you came here to read…. The Bowhead of The Week!!! Meet Addi she is super sweet and fun… here is what mom writes!

Addi is a soon to be five year old, fun-loving redhead who loves Jesus, her family, reading, playing outside, and school. Her favorite colors are red, pink, and purple. She has a very shy personality until she gets to know someone well, then she lets her silliness shine. She is the 4th generation in a family of redheads after her mama, granny, and great-granny. She became a big sister in August, and her baby brother is her favorite person in the world. She also started school in August, and is loving it so much. We have a garden at home each summer, and her favorite things to pick are strawberries and tomatoes. She loves eating them straight out of the garden. Her favorite book is “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss, and she has loved reading since she was a baby. We love all of our OSBS bows and she loves picking one to match every outfit!

Lovely little girl right!? Yes, I love seeing her photos and following her on Instagram.

No matter where you are today I hope you stay safe.

In your downtime checkout our sale on the site. I am not at work this week but I will get back there asap and so will my employees and we will get the orders out as fast as possible for you.

Love Always, Casey.

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