Friday Finds

I know today is supposed to be Friday Finds… but you will find more today on Friday Finds for sure. Since I didn’t have time to do Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays blog post it is all going to be right here in one!

Ready. Set. GO.

We will start with this great photo of the girls at church last Sunday. Love these photos that I get to share with y’all each week. These girls love going to church and I am so happy for that.

On Monday the girls had to take their Valentines boxes up to school to prepare for their exchange on Thursday… Paisley was super said when I told her school was canceled due to the weather on Thursday morning. She was like noooo now I have to wait until next TUESDAY to get my Valentines. It was actually kind of nice to have the kids home in the morning and listening to their little voices play while I worked on hairbows downstairs.

Speaking of downstairs…. I have decided to do a little makeover on the house. We have lived in our new house for 3 years and yes this entire time we have been fixing it up. Some project is always going. We recently had to work on our gas in the kitchen due to a small leak and that got me thinking… well I would like a new cooktop! So while I was thinking about it I thought maybe I will look into all these other things too. Hoping that all this gets approved to do after my sisters baby shower in March!!!

Now that is what I have been doing in my downtime along with looking on PINTERST for fun doors and lighting!!!

What have you missed if you haven’t been on Instagram and Facebook lately? Let me show you the orders that have been shipping out!!!! If you want to go back and see exactly what they were check out our highlights! So many orders are shipping. I am thankful for each and everyone of them… after you see these photos keep going on to read so you get the FRIDAY FINDS!



Right now on the site we have 30% off SOLID GROSGRAINS & CLASSIC GROSGRAINS!

In addition to this sale we are also giving away a FREE HAIRBOW for BLOG READERS ONLY. Here’s what I want you to do. Place your orders Now (Friday – Sunday) LEAVE A COMMENT AT CHECKOUT that says ****I READ BLOG ON 2/12 Please send me a surprise St Patricks Bow with my order, I would like size (tell me the size you would like). The surprise will be a mix of St. Patricks Day Prints… meaning dots, clovers… you know think St. Patricks Day!

If you aren’t sure how to leave a comment click here.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING I want to show you is… A SAVE THE DATE – our next launch involves these bows and toppers!

That is all I have for you this Friday. I know you are laughing right now because honestly that was a lot! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Start clicking to site now!

Love Always, Casey

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