Total Bowhead Thursday

This Thursday you get to meet TWO super sweet girls. 

Sutton and Palmer are sisters who have a little brother named Cash. Their dad plays baseball for the Boston Red Sox so they travel a lot. In just a couple weeks our family will be heading to Florida for Spring Training. These girls are known for their bows and they wear them everywhere, even in the pool!

Sutton is 5 years old. She goes to Preschool and does gymnastics! She loves making crafts and drawing. Her favorite colors are red and orange. She loves her bows and her current favorite way to wear them is on a headband! 

Palmer is 2 years old. She learned how to swim this past summer and loves to ride her scooter. Her favorite snacks are bananas and yogurt. She loves to wear her Large size bows clipped to her little top knot.

Oh this family. They are cute right!!!? If you want to keep seeing cute photos of them here is where you can follow!

Make sure you come back to the blog tomorrow because I totally have been swamped around the office lately and haven’t had extra time to blog. Two of my staff members are still out… if you have been following One Stop Bow Shop long you know that one of my ladies had a baby (she has been out 6 weeks) and the other has been out a lot this year because her son is battling lupus and they keep having to go back to the hospital. Lots of dialysis has been happening to try to help heal his kidneys. Prayers their way would be appreciated!!!!

Tomorrow on Friday Finds I will catch y’all up on My Life Lately, Tuesday Talk and What you Missed Wednesday and of course I will have something amazing for y’all!

Love Always,


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