Total Bowhead Thursday!

Today is Thursday we are only one day away from Friday. This means two things. The weekend is almost here and today we feature a BOWHEAD!!! In this case we have 2 bowheads. SISTERS!!!

Let’s read some fun facts about the girls!

Claire (4)- will never leave the house without a bow! Clair loves unicorns, rainbows, and kitties.  She loves all the girly things, sparkles, princesses, dresses, and lipgloss. She’s silly and kind. Claire is so thoughtful and she loves to get gifts for other people. She has a generous heart.

Caroline is one.  (15th months on Feb 15th)  She has 7 teeth but not walking yet.  Bath time is her favorite.  She hates car rides, but loves being out and about.  She can say mama, dada, bite, and bye. She’s really a happy baby most of the time and enjoys all the snacks lol!

We love bowhead of the week.We know you guys are excited to be featured too. These little bowheads have been my customers since Claire was a baby!!! I love seeing photos of them on Instagram. Their mama takes fantastic photos! You should totally go follow them!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! Love Always, Casey

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