Tuesday Talk

Today we are talking about new prints – One Stop Bow Shop has been adding so many new prints… I know you are loving it too! These new prints will be LAUNCHED on FEBRUARY 4th! Guys that is just 2 days away! Look at how cute these bows are. The best part is they come in ALL OF OUR SIZES! Small – Mega.

Paisley has on a Mega size here.

Another Mega!!!!

Yes I said Mega! You know you are going to want to try it so SAVE THE DATE! Plus these bows will be in our Trendy Print area and that will be they are 20% off because the SALE that we have going in that category during this time. WHAT IS BETTER THAN NEW AND SALE?


No if you aren’t a HUGE BOW fan then try this size out…

Penley is modeling the Small size here!!! No matter if you pick small or mega or even in the middle somewhere…. there is a size for everyone.

The other thing we have to talk about is that ICE CREAM BOW! yes it is being launched this week on THURSDAY ALSO!!! So excited about it. To answer your question no the Ice Cream is not a topper. Unfortunately it is not wide enough to hold the hardware… but this bow is a must. You get to pick the color bow too!!!! YAY.

Hope to see you back on the blog tomorrow to see orders that have been shipping out lately!

Love Always, Casey.

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