My Life Monday

Welcome to this lovely Monday morning! I hope you have a warm cup of coffee in your hands as you read up on us. This weekend we just hung around the house Friday and Saturday it was sooo nice to be able to just be and not have to go to sporting events all weekend long.

We did have 1 game for Penley on Sunday (volleyball). She did really good in her game. I am so proud of her team they keep getting better. To watch these Kinder, 1st and 2nd graders get better and better each week is fun.

Church morning photo! I love taking photos on the way into church each week. I love the memories, friends and great things we learn each week. Having a church home is so important. I am happy my girls will know so much about Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit.

Over the weekend we did go to the craft store. We had to get stars for Penley. She is decorating her 100 day of school shirt.

I think she did a great job! Pretty soon you will see it on Instagram.

Who deserves ice cream after a volleyball game? YUP they both do. They did the create your own… Penley picked Oreo and Sprinkles and Paisley picked Cake Batter and Gummy Worms!

SPEAKING OF BUILD YOUR OWN… have you seen the FEBRUARY BOW BOX? Let me show you the girls photos!!! Oh they are so cute you are going to want to order!!!!

I hope you are ready to see these photos… the girls were super excited to show these off – can you tell?

Paisley is modeling The Bigger Box below.

Penley is modeling The Smallest Box below.

In these photos below Penley is modeling The Original Size Bow Box.

Here is The Original Box with headbands!

Just in case you needed to see The Smallest Box with headbands!

I know there are so many photos how do you pick? Well, if you can’t pick a box then why don’t you try BUILDING YOUR OWN BOX!!!! Click here.

I really hope you enjoyed todays post! It is now time for your 2nd cup of coffee!

Love Always, Casey!

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