Total Bowhead Thursday

Here we are another Thursday. We have a new bowhead to feature also… Meet Tyler!

Tyler’s nickname is Coco. When she was born, she was a NICU baby for a couple of weeks. She’s been sweet and strong from the start. Now she’s nine and doing fine. Her absolute fav dish is spicy tuna rolls and her top treat pick is Animal Circus Cookie ice cream.

Tyler’s passion is dance, particularly jazz. She used to compete gymnastics and won her first overall Level 2 meet when she was 7-years-old. Even though she was good at gymnastics, she followed her heart and decided to pursue dance.

When she grows up, she’s determined to be a doctor who delivers babies. If Tyler isn’t dancing, she can be found doing jumps on her mountain bike. Her favorite season is spring because she’s fascinated by butterflies and flowers. Tyler dreams about going to Chicago one day to go to the American Girl doll store. She loves being a California girl, but believes she has a southern soul: polite, charm, and charity.❤️

Her favorite cause is raising awareness for pediatric mastocytosis, a rare condition her baby brother Wyatt has. She wants to attend Stanford for college.


Let’s take a peek at bowheads caught this week on social! Thank you for everyone who posted into the PRIVATE GROUP!

I loved seeing all these photos and I hope you did also! Hope you have a great Thursday!


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