What You Missed Wednesday

Another Wednesday!!! Here is what you missed if you didn’t see our stories lately. If you want to checkout these orders more closely head to our IG account because so many of them have videos on them. Click here. Otherwise if you have any questions about anything you see you can email me at Casey@OneStopBowShop.com

Did you see some things in the orders that aren’t on the site yet?! I know we have many NEW PRINTS and many NEW TOPPERS coming soon. Launch date is Monday 25th for those new items. Also you might have noticed this last photo… that is the February Box you see… I will give you an official launch date on that soon!!!

I know many of you have noticed we are doing THE BUILD YOUR OWN BOX. Let me quickly just tell you about that one more time….

You pick all the sizes in the box. No you do’t have to buy all the bows. Yes you will have to come back each month to do The Build Your Own Box – this can not be a monthly subscription.

If you want to take advantage of saving some money we do offer The Bow Box in 3 great mix size options for you!

Have you taken advantage of the Semi Annual Sale!? It ends on January 30th… so click here and go shop now before you miss out.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! Love Always, Casey!

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