My Life Monday

Todays post is up a little later than normal. Y’all will have to let me know if you like it better this way…. The reason it is up later I wanted to be able to update you on Penley’s eyebrow. We got her stitches out this morning! For those of you playing catch-up last Tuesday night she fell while playing ball upstairs in a messy playroom. She tripped over some dollhouse toys and smacked right into a coffee table. About 30 minutes later we were getting stitches… it pays to know people!

She’s so happy before playing on IG – cutest puppy I know. Penley handled the stitches coming out like a champ. A brave girl this one is. The doctor of course was super sweet to her during this entire experience of getting the stitches and taking them out. I have to say thank you thank you to that doctor.

Yesterdays photo from church. These girls make me smile every day. I love them so much. I hope when they grow up they remember that love I have for them.

A playground photo of Paisley trying to understand exactly how static electricity works. I don’t think she got it…. but it did get her, like over 100 times.

Guess what!? Today we launched the semi annual sale! I know… I am excited too… look below at all these savings. The best part is you don’t need a coupon to save… just add bows to your cart.

Many of you already know that I started back up WHOLE30 – if you have never done this you should especially if you like a good challenge. The first time I did this I lost 11 pounds. I didn’t do it to loose weight. I did it to find out what hurts my body and is causing my inflammation. I am already on my 8th day in – if you have wanted to know about WHOLE30 I would love to talk to you more about it or be your support as you go through it!

Those are just a couple photos that I have had. This right here was probably my favorite meal I have made this round. It is Meatball Stroganoff. I made banana bread another day for breakfast and I love guacamole anytime. Just wanted to show you guys some of the photos. To see more follow me on instagram stories!

That is all I have today! I hope you go enjoy the sale!!!

Love Always, Casey!

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