Total Bowhead Thursday

Welcome to our TBT post! Today we have some sisters!!!! Let’s see what mom has to say about them.

Audrey is 5 and Whitney is 2. They are very close and you don’t usually see one without the other. Audrey started kindergarten this year and loves to play anything outside, swim,swing, draw, and read. She loves to get dressed up and all things “girly”. Audrey is the best big sister and is very thoughtful and loving. Whitney wants to do everything her big sister does, but is much more cautious. She loves to go to the park, ride her scooter, and color. Whitney loves to help and take care of her dolls. As a family we love to travel and have missed that this year. The girls are excited to have a baby brother coming soon, and I’m sure he will be put in all kinds of dresses and their favorite bows 😊

What cute girls they are…. right!? Yes, I am glad you agree. I have enjoyed watching these two little ones grow up. It is so much fun following you all on Instagram. I have to say it makes what I do feel important!!

Here are a few more shots of kids we caught on our VIP PAGE!

If you want to make sure your kiddo gets on our blog then head to our VIP PAGE and join us in the fun that happens there daily.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some really cute kids. Love Always, Casey!

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