What You Missed Wednesday

Well. Last week I told you we didn’t have too many orders to show you yet because we were closed on the 1st during our big sale and then it took a few days for us to cut and work on everyones orders. HOWEVER! Look at all these photos of orders we shipped out over the last week! We have been busy even with 2 girls out of the office.

I think this is so fun to show you guys. I hope you love seeing the orders too – if you do I would love for you to leave me a comment. If you want to know all about the orders I have saved them on my INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS.

This year yall have asked for me to show you on stories what the bow is and teach you about it. That is exactly what I will be doing! Go look at the highlights now and see just how cool it is.

I have one highlight for VIDEO ORDERS and another for photographed orders that teach you!

As we get more and more orders there will be more highlights under our bio so keep watching as we add them!

If you missed the big Jan 1st sale… that is okay. Our Semi Annual Sale starts on the 18th. This year we have a lot of fun sales planned for you and a lot of new releases. If there is something you want One Stop Bow Shop to possibly start doing just email or message me and it just may happen. I am here to help you guys have the best bows ever… I MEAN EVER!

Customer feedback always welcomed.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Love Always, Casey.

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