My Life Monday

I’m not sure I have told y’all this yet. I think I have but maybe you didn’t see it… I am going to read the Bible in 1 year. That was my New Years resolution. I am using the Bible app on my phone and a plan called The Bible RECAP. We are 11 days in and I am so excited because it is in chronological order… also it only takes about 20 minutes each day. Who would have thought you can read the Bible and listen to a podcast for at most 30 minutes in a day for 365 days and be done.

Honestly I thought it would take much more time. About 8 days into this Paisley said MOM I want to do it too (I keep telling my family at breakfast or dinner what I had read and learned that day – so I think she just got excited to hear all the new things she hadn’t heard before either). So now she is on board too. She still has a few days to catch up but her love for God is amazing. I am so proud she wants to do this.

The girls before church! They are so excited that it was snowing. I mean come on I was excited too.

The girls at church Sunday were so cute I had to pull my phone out and snap a shot. They were dancing and singing. So sweet together. Love them.

It snowed a lot while we were inside church. These are our happy faces about how much snow we saw. The girls couldn’t wait to get home to play in it.

They made a snowman! Guys this is the first time it has snowed in Texas since Penley was a baby… like I am talking baby baby…. The snowmans name is obviously OLAF.

We got creative and used grapes, blueberries, parsnips and twigs! He likes warm hugs… I did already warn the girls he won’t be there after school tomorrow.

Anyways that was our fun little weekend.

Love Always Casey!

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