Friday Finds

Our 2 Finds this week are….


Let’s get into the Build Your Own Box. It is exactly like you think. You take The Bow Box product that we send out each month and you customize it. So we send 5 bows…. you get to pick the sizes of those 5 bows when you BUILD YOUR OWN BOX. A question we have gotten from customers… I want the print and the moonstitch bow but not the others… can I do that? Yes, with the BUILD YOUR OWN BOX you are able to customize what bows you want and skip the ones you don’t.

If you want to save and get the best deal then purchase one of our 3 assortment boxes. As always you have the option to add headbands. Read up more on The Bow Box below.

I was going to do a really funny Donut joke here… but really it would be silly like DONUT WANT TO MISS THIS DEAL… I know it is early and it might just be too early for a DONUT JOKE.

Time is running out on this deal and our XLARE, JUMBO AND XLARGE JUMBO print of this bow is starting to run low. SO GET YOUR ORDERS in ASAP. You have until the 10th to grab this bow free. Must add to cart. Read all details below.

We have a new launch of bows coming out on January 11th. There will be over 8 new prints being released so look for that. Here are the 2 that I think you will love!!!! They will come in small, medium, large, xlarge, jumbo and xlarge jumbo. I hope you come back on Monday to grab these and other bows.

Just to let you know also to SAVE THE DATE because our SEMI ANNUAL SALE is coming on January 18th -30th.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday. Stay safe and keep on smiling.

Love Always, Casey.

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