Total Bowhead Thursday!

Today is the day we see some bowheads and pick one lucky girl to be featured. This week it is my oldest daughter Paisley. She turned 10 on the 5th so it is only natural I pick her.

I want to share with you a variety of photos that I came across just this morning as I was looking in my phone. Oh this sweet little baby… where has my time gone with you.

If you were ever wondering what did Paisley look like when she was a baby? Here you go! She is about 16 months or so here… not much hair! Fun fact Paisley didn’t have much hair until she was 3 and then it came in curly!

Paisley loves school. She always has. She loves loves to learn.

Paisley has always loved being big sister! She has a special love for her little sister Penley. They are like the best of friends. I hope that continues.

Paisley is very much a people pleaser.

Paisley loves to dress up. She did go through a small phase of only wanting to wear yoga pants and shirts that didn’t match (totally got that from me). She loves to play outside and dance also.

Paisley LOVES JESUS. Actually let me say that differently she love God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. She lets everyone know it and if she isn’t sure you know about God…. well, that girl will make sure you do. She has a very sweet spirit.

Just because she dresses up doesn’t mean she can’t dress down either… I must say Paisley can throw a mean football… the spiral she has on the ball is by far better than a lot of boys her age and her strength of how far she can throw it is amazing.

2 years ago we bought Paisley Harper. She loves this dog. We love this dog.

Paisley loves American Girls and she loves art. She loves learning new things. Loves to count money and figures out how to earn money on the side so she can save up and buy things she wants or just saves and sometimes she even will give her money away. She is what we call Perfect Paisley.

Well this is 10. This is a decade. This is Paisley. Love this girl.

Now for a few little bowheads…. Here are some fun One Stop Bow Shop customers. How sweet are they!? Adorable. Make sure you head to the site and get a free donut bow before it’s over.

I hope you enjoyed todays post! See you back on social media later today!

Love Always, Casey

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