What You Missed Wednesday

If you are new… Welcome! Today is Wednesday I and going to catch you up really quick on what’s going on.

I don’t have many orders to show you yet but behind the scenes at the office is crazy! I’ll update you on social stories later today! Click Here to get to social media links.

You totally might see things not listed online in some of these orders- these are being shipped to our brand reps. New items will be launched on January 11th so save that date!

Next Wednesday I will have prob over 60-100 orders to show you!!! I’m excited about that.

As you know we had a huge sale on January 1st. We are also having a big sale now with a free bow also… the free bow is a Donut 🍩 bow and you get to pick the size!! Yay!!!

People are loving the BUILD YOUR OWN BOX!!! Have you checked it out yet!? You can pick the size of each bow you want in the bow box… you can get all 5 bows of get just 1. It is pretty cool how we have it for you now. BUT if you want the best deal then pick one of our variety boxes in any of the 3 assortment of sizes.

When I said I was going to catch y’all up let me catch you up. I currently am down 2 staff members at the office. So it is just me and 1 other sweet bow shop worker. We are working as hard as we can with all the orders we have. Please be patient if you have an order out. As of right now we are not past any due dates. Orders typically ship out within 3/7 business days.

I have one employee out because she delivered her baby last week!!! Yay! Praise God who kept her safe. Her baby boy is due to come home tomorrow assuming all the fluid in his lungs is gone…. prayers for that please.

I have one employee out because her oldest son is in the hospital (prayers for her and her family please). They are doing some testing and I want to respect their privacy as much as possible but I need my prayer warriors on this one (NO IT ISN’T COVID RELATED AT ALL).

I know I don’t talk about my employees often on the blog… I try not to… I try respect their privacy by all means possible…. but they are like family to me and since we are all friends I thought I should fill you in on what is going on…

I hope you all have a great middle of the week day! I will see you on social in a bit!

Love Always, Casey

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