Tuesday Talk

Yesterday I told yall about this mess. Today I am going to show you what we did with it. The first step was to DUMP IT ALL OUT… obviously!

Then we did our best to organize it by style and size. I think this way because when you go to organize it you have all the varieties of what you might be looking for in one area. We actually organize it by color after that… you will see below.

Many of you have asked is it okay to put them in bins!? YES of course it is. We bought these bins a long time ago at THE CONTAINER STORE – love that place. There are 2 styles right now in these big bins and they each have 2 bins worth (if you do this… don’t overstuff your bin… you don’t want to smash the bows completely… they are durable but lets not be silly). The 2 styles in bins we have right now are Jumbo Stack and Classic Grosgrain.

An over the door hanger with our bowholders work great! I love this idea it works great and on the bowholders you can totally hang bows on both sides! The headband organizer on the far right is just fantastic.

We have sooo many bows that we have to put some in baskets… I choose for the Small ones to go in baskets because they are easier to look through. This is the Small Tuxedo style which I love love love. I talked about these yesterday on IG.

Small prints are a must! We have been trying to add more small prints to the site! I hope you have noticed. This size works great on baby dolls also…

Our Large and Jumbo Prints are on bowholders… these are easy to make. All you have to do is get an old frame and put chicken wire on it!

These toppers are coming soon to the site!!! End of January!

Or if you need a really really pretty one I know a sweet gal that makes them. I have ordered at least 6 of her holders and they are amazing.

The Easter bows are coming to the site at end of January also!

These are the ways we currently organized our bows this go round. You can totally show me how you do yours by posting in your stories and tagging @onestopbowshop

I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! Don’t forget to drop over to the site and get that FREE DONUT BOW.

Love Always, Casey.

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