My Life Monday

Well… HAPPY NEW YEAR if today is your first time on the blog in a while. It is time to start the BLOG back up everyday of the week. Today as you know is the MY LIFE MONDAY. This is the post where I catch you up really quick on what is going on in my life.

It wouldn’t be a NEW YEAR without going to CHILIS on DAY 1. HAHA I let the girls pick and that was what they were craving. I will say we haven’t gone there in about 3 to 4 months and it was great. The food was good and we had a great time, just us 4.

When you think of a NEW YEAR you think CLEAN OUT MY STUFF right?! I sure do. For days I was STRESSED thinking about ALL THE BOWS IN OUR HOUSE… if you saw my IG POST you know where I found them EVERYWHERE. Drawers, under beds, closets, you name a place there was a bow there. Well maybe not in the freezer… but you get the idea there were BOWS EVERYWHERE. Finally I said alright we have to start the year off right. LETS CLEAN UP THIS MESS.

Make sure you come back to tomorrow’s blog post because I will show you what this mess went to.

You know I didn’t really plan out my kids birth dates…. I have one right before Christmas and one right after! I always want to make sure they feel like they get a Birthday and a Christmas. We had a PJ PIZZA PARTY for PAISLEY turning 10. Yes she doesn’t actually turn 10 until tomorrow but when you find the time to have a party you do it!

All she wanted was a unicorn cake and unicorn swimsuit.

I think the sweetest part of Paisley’s little birthday was Penley wanted to get Paisley something and didn’t tell me so she went around the house collecting anything she thought paisley would like of hers. She gathered about 20 things unicorn and put them in a box for her for that night. Penley sure is a sweet sister.

I bathed Harper!!!

For those of you that have a Goldendoodle – you understand…. giving them a bath is a big deal because it takes soooo long for their hair to dry! We love our Golden… she is so sweet and honestly the best emotional support dog ever… for all 4 of us. She knows when we need it. Paisley loves this puppy so much.

On a ONE STOP BOW SHOP note… did you see the SALE we are having!!! It is amazing.

I mean I probably should have led with this… but I really wanted to show off Harper! I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday. I love you all and remember if you have any questions email or message me somewhere!

Love Always, Casey.

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