Total Bowhead Thursday

Happy New Years Eve!!!! Today is the last day of the year. I am sure hoping that 2021 is amazing. After a year like 2020 I think we all deserve a better year.

Today is special also because it is the last Bowhead of the Week post for the year. I have some very special girls to feature. My sweet Cousin Shay Shull’s kiddos! Ashby and Madeley. Oh I am sure most of you already know them and if you don’t then let me just tell you now you need to go follow @mixandmatchmama now and follow her blog too! You won’t be disappointed. Shay will fill your heart with joy in sooo many ways – promise!

Look how cute these girls are! I mean come on… they couldn’t be anymore cute if they tried.

Here are some fun facts about Ashby and Madeley from Shay:

1. These two bowheads were both born in China, but found their forever homes in Texas!
2. Ashby would rather have veggies than dessert while Madeley would rather have cheese. 
3. Ashby loves all things girly but will beat you in both a nerf war and poker.
4. Ashby loves dogs! We call her the “dog whisperer” because she has a very special way with them.
5. Madeley has the best dance moves.

Seriously – The Shull’s are one of the sweetest families ever. Shay and Andrew have the biggest hearts as does Kensington and Smith (their oldest kiddos). What a great family to know and to follow on social media/blog. This family here is such an inspiration to so many people. I can honestly say I love these people!

Remember tomorrow is the day of our 1 day only sale- you must head over and check that out! A wonderful way to start off any new year is a day of HAIRBOW SAVINGS!!! Make sure you go to on JANUARY 1ST.

Love Always, Casey

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