Total Bowhead Thursday

Today is a special day! Today is my youngest daughters birthday. Penley turned 6 today. This is bittersweet. We are having a family pizza party tonight to celebrate. She can’t wait to get home from school and volleyball because that means PRESENTS! She is excited to be 6 but more excited for presents. I have to be honest with you guys. Penley is the type of kid that if you buy her something everyday she will know you love her. I have grown to accept this… but we are working on it.

I want to show you some of my favorite photos of Penley being 5 and also to let you learn a little bit more about my sweet Penley! Penley is my bowhead of the week this week!!!

American Girl Party with her Sister!
She could live on Mac and Cheese especially if its from Chick Fil A. She also is a huge fan of junk food and desserts. I don’t know how she stays soooo skinny.
Penley loves Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit! She will tell you those three! I love that she gets it.
Penley loves Spa Day at home! She loves to be loved on and pampered.
Penley loves fun and creative games… this one was funny- roll the dice and whatever you land on you have to eat!
She loves being comfy! She will change the second we get home from anywhere even if it means that she will only be changed for 5 minutes because we have to leave the house again to go somewhere else.
Penley can fall asleep anywhere! Especially in the car. Give her 2 minutes of sitting still and she is gone!
Penley is a daddy’s girl… my girl too but of course she has him wrapped around that finger.
I love this little girl so much.
Penley is girly girl and tomboy all in one. You never know what mood you are going to catch her in!
First day of SCHOOL – DON’T JUDGE we started off VIRTUAL remember! No shoes were required.
Penley loves loves loves her big sister Paisley.
Penley loves to make her own bed!
She loves to read! This was the night before REAL SCHOOL STARTED BACK UP!
First Real Day Back – Shoes were then needed!
Penley loves unicorns!
I love how she will tell us I lobbbbed you… too much.
Penley is just too cute for her own good.
Penley is a natural at everything she does… especially sports.
Im voting for volleyball all the way to high school… hope they both continue it! I know I love coaching them.
Penley honestly has been an amazing kiddo since she was a baby. Both of my girls have been actually. I am very blessed to have these two in my life. Each year as Penley gets older I say stop growing stay small, I love you this age. Each year I love her more and I am not sure how! She is an amazing kid.

Now that I showed off my kiddo- it is time to show you some bowheads that submitted photos this week! All these kids are sooo cute. Remember you can submit your photos on the VIP GROUP!

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday! Love Always, Casey.

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