What You Missed Wednesday

Well well well it is Wednesday again! Here are some of the orders that shipped out recently!

So many fun orders shipped out. I like showing you guys the orders each week. It is kind of fun! I hope you all save the date for JANUARY 1st we are having a 1 DAY SALE. Mark it down you won’t want to miss it.

Remember you still have time to enter into the BRAND REP SEARCH. Click on over and take care of that now. Find this photo above in the group and apply! There is a lot in it for you!

Sneak Peek for those of you PAYING any ATTENTION TO ME! This is the JANUARY BOW BOX. We will be posting it on the website soon to purchase! We now carry the bow box in 3 box options… that is why you see three of each bow…We have a small box, original box and big bow box.

Did you know about this product? We ship 5 bows a month out to you for 1 low cost. You should go sign up for Decembers box it is super cute.

Click here to sign up or to grab just one box! The snowman in this box is my favorite and the velvet bow!

Hope you enjoyed this Weds post! Love Always, Casey!

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