Tuesday Talk

Today on Tuesday Talk we are going to talk about BRAND REPS! Yup, One Stop Bow Shop is looking for BOWHEADS…. MODELS…. if this sounds interesting then you should keep reading.

That is right you see that photo correct. Apply at our VIP GROUP on FACEBOOK! Many of you will ask this so I am just going to answer it now. YES YOU MUST HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT to rep. The BIGGEST reason is that this is where I will communicate with all my reps in one local area.

Here are some of the details of why you should enter….

Reps receive:

• 25% off purchases

• a share code for 10% off

• for every 5 share codes redeemed get a free bow of your choice

  • $10 store credit for every Bow Box (product) you sell

• Free Bow for every 20 people added to VIP Group


ON ANOTHER NOTE… today is the last day to get BOWBUCKS! This has been super popular with our customers. Make sure you don’t miss out – plus the entire site is 10% off with NO CODE NEEDED- ENDS AT MIDNIGHT.

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

Love Always, Casey

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