My Life Monday!

Wow~ we had a crazy week last week. Every single day we had something even had two somethings! Here is what we did over the weekend. Volleyball games for Paisley and Penley and a basketball game for Paisley! Before we get to the photos I have to just say that I love watching Paisley play basketball… if you could see her in real life… oh my goodness.. she runs up and down the court with a big smile! She loves basketball. Even though it is rough. Even though she doesn’t make every shot even though the other team fouls her and she has to shoot free throws. Paisley loves it.

The pictures below are Penley’s volleyball team. They didn’t win but the girls are getting better! It is their first year to play and I have three Kindergarteners on my team… I have to say volleyball is a lot to learn for a little kinder kid. They are doing really well and we are excited to get to practice on Monday so we can work on our serving and moving to the ball.

Penley is number #7 and she had some amazing serves in the game. She really is a natural but so much is because she plays with Paisley all the time.

Well if you want to know what a huddle looks like Penley’s teacher came out to watch and took a couple photos! So thank you for that!!!! You might think I look mad… but that is just my normal face LOL – not mad just tryin to be encouraging to these very young kiddos!

I asked Penley (PD) if we could take a photo before the game…. this is what I got!

That girl Penley – I love her… she has a birthday coming up this next week… actually it lands on Thursday!

I love having breakfast every morning!~ I didn’t realize that until (COVID) hit. Since that hit I have literally cooked breakfast every morning except for 4 days since MARCH…. I said MARCH people…. I don’t know how many jars of grease I have filled up or how many packages of bacon I have purchased. A LOT. I do have to say at least we pick the bacon that has no sugars added LOL.

Yum… I mean can it get better than BACON, EGGS, HASHBROWNS and TOAST with GUACAMOLE AND HOMEMADE PICKLED RED ONIONS!?!? No of course not….

The busiest and most stressful and best thing we did this weekend was Sunday after church we had about 40 kids over for a decorating your gingerbread house!!! Oh my goodness it was sooo much fun. We set up in shed and put out like 5 tables of candy. The kids had sooo much fun. It was great seeing them in action. Since this was our first time to do it we did learn a lot. I honestly have to say thank you to my mother for helping me set up and clean up the entire time. She was amazing. Here are some photos of the party! Even after the party Paisley and Penley decided they had to keep decorating their houses…. just wait and look after all

After the party Paisley decided she was going to redecorate her house… so she spend another 30 minutes decorating again….

Penley jumped on that gingerbread house band wagon as well! They ended up being amazing and I am super proud of them! These girls are amazing I love them soooo much….

This was our weekend!!! Please leave me a comment and tell me about yours!

Love Always, Casey!

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