What You Missed Wednesday

I say this every Wednesday. I love showing you the orders from last week to this week that have shipped out. Can you believe we have shipped 66 orders in a week? I know it sounds a little crazy to me also. I say this each week… I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS. You guys mean so much to me and my small business.

I hope you guys are enjoying getting your BOWBUCKS right now. If you haven’t heard here are the details. Also a little extra something… did you see that? 10% off right now also and no code is needed. WHICH MEANS if you have a coupon code you can use it on top of the 10% off! That is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Back to what you came for… the customer orders… you know those beautiful photos we take and show you….

I know some of these orders you have seen on Instagram or Facebook but I wanted to make sure I show them to you all together! There is something about showing you all the orders together that is partly like BAM and partly AMAZING to see what other people are ordering all at once.

So here it goes! If you have a question on colors or sizing don’t hesitate to reach out to me on social media or email! casey@onestopbowshop.com

Those are the orders from this week that we have collected! I hope you enjoyed this and I can’t wait for you to see our bowhead of the week tomorrow!!!

See you back here then… and until then go place your order at onestopbowshop.com to earn those bowbucks. Love Always, Casey

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