My Life Monday

What an amazing weekend! On Friday night we went to dinner with some amazing friends and their kids… on Saturday the girls and I hung out with my mom and went floor shopping. I don’t know why all the sudden I really really want to paint my house and change my floors.

Saturday Night my parents came over and watched the kiddos so Brandon and I could attend his work party that he throws for his employees every Christmas. This year we went to Joe T Garcia’s (I know we love that place) it was fantastic everything went well and everyone was happy.

All the employees did a secret Santa exchange and then Brandon had cash that he passed out to all the employees so they could play left center right! Have y’all played that game before? It is so much fun. The highlight was seeing how happy it made Brandon‘s employees! One lucky person walked away with quite a bit of cash!

Just some fun photos from over our weekend!

How cute is my Harper Doodle!!!? She’s 2 now and I highly recommend a Goldendoodle. If you get one though watch them as puppies because they love to eat sucks in tear up shoes and get into trouble but honestly they are amazing dogs.

Lately we have been playing cards at night. Penley’s Favorite game to play is old maid it is so funny to watch. You know when she has it… you know when she passes it… you know when she gets it! She thinks it’s funny to tell everybody every time she passes it or gets it.

Penley does this really funny laugh when she passes it I’m going to try to record it next time we play. I know it will just make your day if you hear it. We were also making fun of her because when she does this funny laugh a vein in her throat pokes out.

Well, that’s it right now! I’ll be on Instagram later today and Facebook! So maybe catch up with me over there. Hope y’all have a wonderful week! Remember we are giving away BOWBUCKS until the 15th!!! Go check that out!

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